Author: David Dayan Fisher
Illustrator: Patricia Krebs
Publisher: Sunnyfields Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-484962-14-5

An adult is a child who has misplaced his way,
Who found his serious and lost his play.
They read the news, moan about work.
They sit in traffic and iron their shirts.
The adult stops the child from play,
As the child does nothing but keeps his way.
The silliness of growing up for sure.
The happy child or the adult bore?

David Dayan Fisher writes in his poem titled “Misplaced Child” in his children’s book, Sir Silly – The World Where Words Play.

This thin paperback book is fifty pages supposedly targeted toward young children, but adults may more readily enjoy its play on words, sarcasm, and double meanings strategically placed between the short lines. With thirty-seven black and white illustrations by Patricia Krebs, there are over thirty poems devoted to silliness. With no profanity, sex, or violence, it would be an acceptable read to young ones although they may not fully understand its contents.

Author, artist, and actor, Fisher writes whimsical rhyming poems that sometimes make no sense at all but are not supposed to in the short half to two page poems. With topics ranging from animals such as ants, cats, cows, crocodiles, dogs, frogs, and elephants to adults, children, and our bodies, silliness is threaded throughout the quirky nonsense.

Take a dog that does not need much, only some food, a treat, love, and a juicy bone. Or the ant and the elephant wishing they exchanged places and the croc famous for eating bad kids. One is reminded why a dog chases a cat and all the many things our body parts can do.

For adults, the poem titled “Lazy Day” may be apropos for some as it rhymes how nice it is spending the day at the park, laying in the shade of a tree with a dog, calm, quiet, and enjoying the silence, ending with how it is a wonderful hour away from the wife.

Through the ridiculous, rambling, repetition, and reversing of words for emphasis along with abrupt endings for tea time, this fanciful small book will bring both smile and smirk for either child or adult as they ponder the words more comprehensively, remembering it is still acceptable to be silly every once in a while.

This book was furnished by KSB Promotions in lieu of an unbiased review.

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