Author:Louise Yates
ISBN: 978-0-375-85698-3

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A Small Surprise is a gigantic fun book. First time author Louise Yates has penned and illustrated this delightful story. She always wanted to be a book illustrator. “One of the things she loves most about picture books is the silences, the moments when the text shuts up and the pictures either tell you something that the text hasn’t or something totally different. She likes it most when they disagree.”

The story is about the smallest creature joining colossal circus creatures, even when he’s not wanted! He is too small to wipe his own nose, too small to tie his own shoes, too small to walk far without needing a rest, too small to eat his own food without making a mess. But he is just the right size to disappear and reappear, to disappear and reappear, and that’s what make him, yes you guessed it, Magic.

This delightful simple story is a marvelous collection of colossal creatures and newest addition to their troupe, a tiny magician bunny.

The colossal creatures are humongous and fun; they may say that they don’t want tiny beings but they shower him with love and tenderness. The illustrations are delightful, whimsical and funny. All the elements for circus portrayal are there. Many a child will chuckle with glee at the sight of these big, humongous and friendly animals.

A Small Surprise is perfect for teaching readers of all sizes to be proud of their abilities.This one keeps its message simple, allowing the colorful and quirky illustrations to tell much of the story, so even the tiniest reader can follow along.

Children and parents alike will fall in love with this amusing and entertaining book.

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