Authors: Michael DeWall and Peter Elman
Illustrator: Sara Kahn
Publisher: Chillin’ Crow Books
ISBN: 978-0-9857711-0-2

When the warm breeze is blowing
And the leaves play their song
And the evening is calling
Come on out, sing along
When our day is over
And twilight descends
And the evening’s upon us
That’s when night and moonlight become friends”

Michael DeWall and Peter Elman sing in the poem, “Warm Summer Night,” in their children’s book, Seasons – Rhymes in Time, that comes with an audio CD.

This thirty-two page letter-sized hardbound book is targeted toward children but all ages and generations will enjoy its light, airy upbeat songs in rhyme relating to the four seasons. With nine poems in the book along with written music sheets, there is a must-have musical CD of the original songs. Artist Sara Kahn does beautiful yet simplistic illustrations in a water-color / colored tissue paper array that are calm and soothing on all pages with no frightful or negative depictions.

As a black crow guides the reader through the pages, the book starts with a song about autumn titled, “Changes,” followed by one about the leaves changing their colors and one called, “I Love Fall.” Three poetic songs are about the coldest season and are about snow, winter, and playing in the rain. The last three songs include “Spring Song,” “Picking Berries,” and “Warm Summer Night.”

The “Green to Gold” song has jazzy blend with a fun saxophone and soft beat while the winter snow song is more like a night time lullaby. With a different tone, “Lady Winter” has a soothing flute that is perfect for background music during a meal. The rain song is more of a slow-dance melody that ends with a short piano interlude of “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.” The berry song is very sing-songy with a country-western twang while the summer night song is reminiscent of an exotic Caribbean tune.

Due to the different song formats, this CD would not drive parents crazy listening to over and over during a long car ride as they may catch themselves singing along. With the adjoining book, the child will learn not only about the seasons, their order, and what happens during the time period, he or she can follow the black bird that is sometimes innocuously hidden among the pages.

This book was furnished by Chillin’ Crow Books in lieu of an unbiased review.

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