Authors: Thomas Weck and Peter Weck
Illustrator: Len DiSalvo
Publisher: Lima Bear Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-933872-12-4

He scoffed at L. Joe Bean. Others laughed, too. That made L. Joe Bean very sad. But King Limalot had heard what L. Joe Bean had said,” Thomas Weck and Peter Weck write in their children’s story, The Megasaurus.

Part of the Lima Bear Stories by father and son, this over-sized hardbound book has thirty-eight full color pages targeted toward ages five to seven years old. This story is about helping others and using one’s imagination to reach a goal. Some young children may be frightened by a few scary monster depictions. Illustrator Len DiSalvo has large drawings covering the pages completely. At the end of the book, there are instructions about before, during, and after reading along with suggested activities for the reader. Also contained is a page on two additional books in the series.

In this tale, L. Joe Bean lives in Beandom where not only the kingdom is in trouble; all the tiny bean-shaped occupants are too. There is a roaming Megasaurus whose favorite food is beans, any size or type will do.

All the Beandom residents know when Megasaurus is coming as the ground shakes and rattles. When he comes he eats all the bean-bears in sight. The king asks the three wise owls for advice and the first one suggests making pancakes for the monster to eat, the second wants to shoot a lot of arrows at him, and the third one instructs them to build a rock wall around their kingdom. L. Joe Bean does not agree with their inventions and says so, but he is mocked by many. Only the king listens to the little bear.

When none of the owls’ ideas work and they along with many bears get eaten by the monster, L. Joe Bean explains a plan involving a big monster mask, a mirrored wall, using megaphones, and pre-cutting trees to come crashing down. When all is in place, L. Joe Bean tempts Megasaurus to meet a new phantom monster.

Of course, when Megasaurus arrives, he wears the mask and is afraid of his scary reflection in the mirror with loud noises and trees falling around him, vomiting all the friends alive. The monster flees, leaving King Limalot and all the kingdom critters happy again.

Although some young ones may be scared of the monster and his eating habits, the concept of trying to come up with creative solutions for problems and working together holds true in this tome.

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