Author: Russ Whitney

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN-10: 14019434543455

ISBN-13: 978-140194

                                                      The Still, Small Voice of Intuition

This is a refreshingly honest, self-critical and extremely well written self-help book, ideally designed to enable the reader to develop his/her intuition and make it a significant part of our daily existence. Most of us are familiar with “the still, small voice” of our intuition, the small nudges that we get inside when in doubt or dilemma. However, relatively fewer of us use it on a day-to-day basis. Even though we are aware of the advantages of living a life, more directed by our intuition, we find ourselves slipping along the way, as our resolve can falter in spite of us. This book not only provides means and exercises designed to awaken and strengthen our intuition (the author calls it “inner voice”), but also valuable advice as to how to keep it alive and going 24/7 over an extended period of time.

The author, Russ Whitney was the founder of a publicly traded, international, financial training organization, with millions of dollars worth in real estate in the United States of America. He lived the good life, with thousands of employees and independent contractors. Then one day, his wife divorces him and he is forced to leave the company he founded. Faced with the loss of both his family and eighty per cent of his assets, the author decides to go to Hawaii for a retreat for physical, mental and spiritual rehabilitation. The program he was put on was called “The Inner Voice.” Russ got totally hooked on it, so much so  that he himself became an “Inner Voice” coach. Additionally, he wrote this book in order to disseminate this valuable information.

After decades of teaching people how to build material wealth, a series of circumstances...taught me how to build spiritual wealth. I am now compelled to share that knowledge so you can have the benefit without the pain.”

The Inner Voice program is designed to reconnect an individual to its’ transcendental Source, within which we are all connected and have our being. There is also an Inner Voice community..”(which) is an in person, phone and Internet based alliance of people seeking personal and spiritual growth, and who understand that we cannot reach our full potential alone. When we need a deeper understanding of an issue...we turn to the Inner Voice community”.

The program is based on the following precepts.

1) Total honesty to oneself and others, without being unkind.

2) Open-mindedness to inputs coming from the Inner Voice within

3) Willingness to take action based on the above inputs   

4) Living in the Now in the spirit of  “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”

5) Surrender the problem to a Higher Power when confronted with a problem greater than one’s limited capacity

Members are encouraged to fill in a Discovery Chart, chronicling the effects of key events and people’s influences in their lives. It is argued that filling in one’s Discovery Chart would serve as a clear pointer to the individual’s purpose in this lifetime. They are also encouraged to monitor their own progress via a Character Analysis on a regular basis.

A novel feature in this book is a formulation of the following archetypes: athlete, warrior, statesman and spirit. The first applies to the teenage phase of our lives,when we undergo a narcissistic phase. The next phase is that of the warrior, when an individual identifies with principles that he has to fight for. The third phase is that of a statesman, who has learnt to keep a distance from principles he needs to fight for, recognizing that there are other, calmer ways of implementing them. Most of us operate from the above three levels. The last phase is the stage in which all we do is dictated by our transcendent selves.

This book is truly a reader’s joy. It is light reading and replete with illustrative events from the author’s own life and those of his students. In addition, the text is interspersed with appropriate quotes of  some “Inner Whispers”, which are messages received by the author as he was writing this book.

Read this book; it will be worth your time and money, even if you have read many books on self-help and spirituality.

Strongly recommended.

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