Author: Jana Bommersbach
Illustrator: Jeff Yesh
Publisher: Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-1-58985-252-1

I don’t speak wood duck, but if I did, I’d bet that bird was scolding, ‘What do you think you’re doing in a house meant for me? Don’t you know that squirrels don’t live in birdhouses?’” Shirelee recants in Jana Bommersbach’s children’s book, A Squirrel’s Story – A True Tale.

This forty page letter-sized paperback book is targeted toward six to ten year olds and has no profanity, scary scenes or violence. Although it contains extensive reading on each page, young ones may enjoy listening over several days. After the story, there is a curriculum guide that includes a reading, writing, listening, and creating section with various activities and educational suggestions. The last few pages recommend exploring nature, learning more online, author and illustrator biographies, publisher information, and an order form.

Based on a true story, Shirlee is a squirrel living in a backyard in North Dakota. She meets a very mean and fat cat who she teases and taunts as she climbs higher in nearby tree branches.

Wanting to make a safe, cozy home, she notices humans Rudy and Willie building bird houses in their backyard. Although they make a house for a wood duck, Shirlee chases the fowl away since she and her two children have found a new nice home.

Safe from the big cat, daughter Sally and son Sammy are happy inside the birdhouse, as Shirlee teaches that they are gray squirrels, not red ones, and how to make a loud long chirp as an alarm. Although Sally is more adventurous, Sammy never wants to leave his comfortable nest.

The children learn how to lick or rub their scent on nuts and bury them so they can be found during the winter. The relieved Shirlee learns that Rudy takes the mean cat far away so she does not have to worry any longer.

When both squirrels are old enough, Sally eagerly leaves the birdhouse, but Sammy adamantly refuses. Rudy and Willie watch the mother squirrel physically push Sammy out of the nest and, when he falls on the plush grass, he is happy he did.

Besides the story being unique about a squirrel family actually living in a birdhouse where they do not normally reside, the fun-filled activities and learning tools at the end of the book will delight both the new and more experienced reader.

This book was furnished by Five Star Publications in lieu of an unbiased review.

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