Authors: Thomas Weck and Peter Weck
Illustrator: Len DiSalvo
Publisher: Lima Bear Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-933872-01-8

They discussed and argued about how best to save L. Joe Bean. Finally they decided it would be wisest to go at night in hopes that the Cave Monster was asleep,” Thomas Weck and Peter Weck write in their children’s story, The Cave Monster.

Part of the Lima Bear Stories by father and son, this over-sized hardbound book has thirty-two full color pages targeted toward ages five to seven years old. This story is about bravery, friendship, and working together as a team although some young children may be concerned of the dark cave and monster depictions. Illustrator Len DiSalvo has large colored pencil and pastel drawings that cover the pages completely. At the end of the book, there are instructions about before, during, and after reading along with suggested activities such as making a monster poster, learning about words, sponge-ball practice, and word sorting for the advanced reader. Also contained is a blurb on two additional books in the series.

In this tome, Lima Bear is waiting for his cousin, L. Joe Bean, to visit, but Whistle-Toe dashes over and tells him his relative was captured by the Cave Monster. Rabbit Whistle-Toe along with Maskamal, a raccoon, and an opossum called Back-Back decide to help Lima Bear find this cousin.

Knowing the Cave Monster took the little bear, the four decide to enter the monster’s cave later that night when he is asleep. They prepare by Lima Bear bringing two swords, Whistle-Toe a canteen of water, Maskamal a bow and arrow with a red flag, and back-Back arriving empty-handed. Before they enter the dark cave, they practice with their swords and bow but, try that they may, do not master their skills.

When they enter the cave, the Cave Monster is asleep somewhere so they find and untie L. Joe Bean. The Cave Monster wakes up and chases the five fleeing friends. After using the red flag and throwing a pebble and the canteen at the monster, Maskamal uses his bow and arrow and shoots it up in the air, landing directly on the Cave Monster’s big toe. He screams so loudly in pain that the cave crashes down on him while the friends escape.

Although some children may be afraid of the monster or sad that it gets hurt, the tale reiterates friends can help a friend in need and not be afraid. As another book in the series, young children will enjoy this fun adventure of Lima Bear and his friends.

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