Author: Nancy L. Young
Illustrator: Nadia Komorova
Publisher: Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-1-58985-250-1

The desert sweethearts danced into the night;
Stepping and twirling paw in paw, cheek to cheek.
They agreed to adjourn, next month to return –
For the next moonlight dance by the creek,”
Nancy L. Young rhymes in her children’s book, The Moon Saw It All.

At forty pages, this square paperback book is targeted toward children ages three to nine years old. With no profanity, overtly scary scenes, or violence, it is a gentle poem in story-book manner for quiet or bed time reading. Some beginner readers may have trouble with more complicated words. Illustrator Nadia Komorova does an excellent job in her deep, rich mixed-media artistic presentations that cover each page with a plethora of fun, delightful details.

Every month while some critters sleep, there is a special dance by the light of the moon where every animal is invited. Not only do coyotes, crickets, foxes, frogs, javalinas, lions, minnows, quail, scorpions, sheep, and tarantulas attend, there are badgers, bat wings, bandit raccoons, black bears, blue herons, and bobcats.

All the creatures, great and small, set up a dance floor and participate in the fun-filled waltzing and making music where the moon watches and sees it all. With all but the skunk dancing in pairs, the coatimundis bang on drums while rattlesnakes rattle maracas, desert deer play tambourines and kangaroo rats jump around while porcupines whistle, centipedes tap and night hawks rap.

They all had so much fun while the moon saw it all, so plans were made for all to meet again at the same place the next month.

At the end of this intriguing tale with its eye-captivating, mesmerizing picture details, there is a curriculum guide with vocabulary words, explanation of types of dances and poem format along with several activities to do with a child relating to dance, animals, and writing. This educational book’s conclusion has author and illustrator biographies, publisher information, and an order form.

With tiny ants marching, frogs setting up displays, fireflies glowing, crickets doing the jitterbug, and animals playing all sorts of interesting instruments, the moon is not the only one to enjoy watching the musical party – both child and adult get entertained by looking for the major and minute players throughout the story line.

This book was furnished by Five Star Publications in lieu of an unbiased review.

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