Author: Marti Regan
Illustrator: Halcy Bohen
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4669-7789-1

“They hurried after the pup and found Mattie very hot and sweaty. She was tossing in her bed, and her throat hurt even more. Her parents phoned the pediatrician, who told them to drive Mattie to the hospital right away,” Marti Regan writes in her children’s book, Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog.

This thirty-seven page paper-sized soft cover book has a depiction of a dog painted on the front cover with two paragraphs about the book and its inspiration on the back. With no profanity, scary scenes, or violence, the book is well-targeted for preschool to early elementary school aged children including beginner readers. The end of the book has a note to teachers and parents along with author and illustrator’s biographies and acknowledgements. Illustrator Halcy Bohen does impressionistic, simplistic paintings that may be hard sometimes for readers to visualize.

Daisy is lazy; there is no way around it. When she is born, her brothers and sisters are lively and active, but she would rather relax on her back in the sun. When each sibling is chosen for a new home because they want to be a farm, guard, or rescue dog, Daisy is the last one left because she is lazy but loving and snuggly.

One day a girl named Mattie visits, falling instantly in love with Daisy so adopts her. Although the girl takes her new friend to dog-training school and tries to play with her, the canine appears to be lazy and lethargic.

One day Mattie is sick and it is Daisy that alerts her parents to her high fever. Her mom and dad rush Mattie to the hospital where she stays several days. When Daisy becomes lonely for her friend, she hides in the car and sneaks into the hospital to be with the sick girl.

While at the hospital, Daisy visits other ill children who love her dearly as she makes them feel better. Daisy no longer is considered a lazy dog, but a hard-working “love” dog as she helps others get well.

This book is a nice reminder that pets can be helpful healers when dealing with humans. Except for the distraction of the unsophisticated illustrations that are sometimes undecipherable, it is a welcoming story about service animals.

This book was furnished by the author in lieu of an unbiased review.

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