Author: Brian Haughton
Publisher:New Page Books
ISBN: 9781601632494

Movies often depict characters that actively seek and find ancient treasures. Death defying characters have a multitude of protectors and takers who battle till the end. Indian Jones is a favorite of many. But, what if there were real stories of treasure hunters, collectors, and the “night hawks” those that dig up those precious items, were real?

Readers will not find fantasical stories of treasure hunters, but instead the real truths, history and little known facts behind the discoveries of some of the world's greatest archeological finds. Haughton shares the history of the treasure held by Queen Nedjmet (c1087-1080 BC), Tutankhamun, Priam's Treasure (The King of Troy), the Lydian Horde, and even Treasures of Pompeii. These are just a few of the many examples that can be found between these pages.

In many cases of discovered treasure it wasn't because someone was reminiscent of an Indian Jones character, most were Bedouins or thieves selling artifacts on the black market. For example: The Dead Sea Scrolls were recovered in 1947 by goat herders looking for a lost goat. Later, it was stated that looters discovered a tomb by accident. Locals were kept away from the site by an old legend of the afrit, a enormous winged fire creature. The mythical creature was said to smell like death. Looters placed a rotting carcass of a donkey so any curious local would immediately steer clear.

Another interesting true heist known as the Treasure of Benghazi, was reported as recently as October of 2011, although the actual event took place in May of the same year. It is considered to be the biggest archeological heist in history. Thieves made off with ancient coins, jewelry and statuettes from the site of Cyrene. Ancient Greeks referred to this site as Kyre, the site of the God Apollo. “The remains of ancient Cyrene are still some of the largest and most impressive in the Mediterranean,” according to Haughton's research.

Anyone interested in archeology, treasure hunting or history will love Ancient Treasures. Black and white photos of treasures will leave readers wide-eyed wondering if there are more artifacts of this magnitude to be found. The bibliography in the back of the book provides readers a list of other books that share related treasure hunting, hunters and archaeological finds.

About the Author

Born in Birmingham, England, Brian Haughton is an author and researcher on the subjects of ancient sacred places, ancient cultures, and supernatural folklore. He is a qualified archaeologist with a BA in European Archeology from the University of Nottingham, and an MPhil in Greek archeology from Birmingham University. Haughton's articles have appeared in magazines across the world including Awareness, All Destiny and the Uks Paranormal Magazine and Ghost Voices Magazine, and his work on the princess Caraboo hoax has been used by the BBC on a number of occasions.

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