Author:  Allison Metz and Barbara Ruth

Publisher:  Gorgeous Millie, LLC

ISBN:  9780615652559

Introducing Gorgeous Millie was a fun and entertaining read. Allison Metz and Barbara Ruth’s children’s book is playful, and the simple illustrations help to make this book something that children will love. While the color and content are more appealing to girls, I think boys will also have fun reading this tale of Gorgeous Millie, as it really has a lesson or two for all children.

The basic lessons portrayed in the book are worth learning by everyone. In a world where bullying seems to be the norm, this picture book shows us that it is fine to be yourself. Mille makes you smile as she dresses in rain boots even though it is sunny outside because it makes her ‘feel gorgeous’. Best of all, her mom’s acceptance of her outlandish attire makes Millie feel special and yes, gorgeous.

The constant affirmations of Millie’s mom that she is gorgeous and that the things that make her feel good, all help Millie appreciate herself. Even dads will be entertained when they read this book with their daughters; after all, their little girls are their princesses. Dads will also be surprised that this is a good read with their sons as well, even if they choose to substitute another word for ‘gorgeous’ with a word more suitable for boys. Even boys need to know that they are unique and special. Maybe a similar book geared to boys from the authors would be great.

Emily Rose Hall’s colourful illustrations bring Millie to life, perfectly. It shows that she is just a normal girl who knows that she is - you got it - gorgeous. Millie also learns as she prepares for her birthday party the value of the love of friends and family. Her journey of self-discovery and the simple advice from her mom is something any child will learn from and best of all, enjoy.

Millie’s fanciful adventure is one that children will want to read about more than once. This book is ideal for reading aloud as this makes it easier to deal with the punctuation errors that make some sentences a tad difficult to understand. Since it is geared primarily towards preschool to kindergarteners, these missteps may cause some confusion.

A few missing commas and punctuation errors do not detract from the message and entertainment value of Introducing Gorgeous Millie. I would definitely purchase this book as a gift for the ‘gorgeous’ little girls I know. I am hoping that there are more Introducing Gorgeous Millie books in the works. I can easily see her becoming one of many little girls’ favorite storybook characters. I strongly agree with the authors, Allison Metz and Barbara Ruth that “gorgeousness is a state of mind” and that it comes from within.

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