Authors: Keith Torgan & Barbara Siesel
Illustrator: Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda
Publisher: Eifrig Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-936172-62-7

Day in and day out, Green Golly played upon her golden flute. And as you can hear, the more she played, the better she sounded,” Keith Torgan and Barbara Siesel write in their children’s book, Green Golly and Her Golden Flute.

This fifty-two page hardcover book is targeted toward children ages four to ten years old, especially those who like the original Rapunzel story of a damsel in distress. Blending classical music with light comedy, adults will keep entertained reading or listening to it night after night to eager children as they drift off to sleep. Illustrator Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda has fun, engaging, and colorful full page pictures that cover almost every page. The end of the book lists the musical works included and on the accompanied read-along CD available.

Green Golly was given up as a child to a witch in exchange for a garden salad of all things. When she grew up as a beautiful woman, the witch was jealous so put her away in a tall tower. There Green Golly started to sing, not upset about her predicament because she did not know any better. When the singing drove the witch crazy, Green Golly was giving a golden flute.

As Green Golly mastered the instrument, she is taught scales and given sheet music with works of Bizet, Chopin, Copland, Elgar, Gossec, Korsakov, Mascagni, Mendelson, Mozart, and Schubert which she learns to play beautifully.

At one point during her lonely stay in the tower, she plays a duet with an old guitarist gypsy below her tall tower, writes a beautiful poem, and talks to a silly mouse that encourages her to sing and dance.

In time, Green Golly’s hair grew long, so long that, like the original tome, she cut it off, tied it down, climbed down the tower, and went away while the witch turned into a beautiful woman and married a prince.

This book is a nice, light read in itself, but the fifty-seven minute included audio CD really captivates and entertains the listener, making the book come alive with its well-known classical music, characters’ expressive voices, and matching storyline. Torgan and Siesel do an excellent and exciting audio mix that is great for quiet time listening, especially with its well-known composers’ selections played into the story.

This book was furnished by Waldmania in lieu of an unbiased review.

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