Author: Written and Photographed by Jane Goodrich

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition

ISBN: 978-1490414430

Jane Goodrich's Capturing Everyday Life: the no-nonsense, cheese-free, read-while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide to taking top-notch, world-class photos of your kids. is a breathe of fresh air in the often suffocating world of photography literature. This simple, yet informative guide to child photography is a must have; not only for parents, which Goodrich has geared the book toward, but also beginner and amatuer photographers looking to step into the world of child photography.

The 64 page book is filled with incredibly beautiful and inspiring photos, all taken by Goodrich. The book is broken into 9 chapters, in which Goodrich touches on different and basic topics that a photographer - in this case, parents wanting to preserve the memories of their children - can and will benefit from. The chapters cover topics from 'Choosing A Camera' to 'Working With Light' to 'Advanced Techniques' to 'Tips By Age' and rounding up the book is the always informative 'Troubleshooting and FAQS'. Each chapter flows smoothly into the next, providing enough information to set readers in the right direction, but in a way that is not overwhelming.

The book is an easy, light read, which is always a relief when it comes to photography books, as many are heavy and at times, stifling reads. In the table of contents the reader will find each chapter listed with a brief explanation of what will be covered in that chapter. This makes it a convenient reference to quickly find the information you may be looking for.

As an amateur photographer myself, I am always wanting to expand my knowledge in photography no matter the subject. I enjoy nature photography the most; it never talks back, but I am always surrounded by children and I like to test my photography skills with them whenever I am able. I have some days when I get those few lucky shots, but for the most part, the children who happen to be the closest to me usually give me the stink eye when they see the camera. However, knowing that I now have Goodrich's book permanently set on my bookshelf, I know that if needed in a quick minute, I have it within arms reach and it will give the needed advice. This being said, I found Goodrich's book filled with great tips, especially in my favorite chapters: 'Working with Kids' and 'Tips by Age'.

And, my favorite part, page 63...But I won't spoil the ending, it's something you will have to enjoy yourself when you add it to your collection..

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