Author: Jewel Kats.

Publisher: Loving Healing Press.

ISBN: 978 1615991129

Magic does not always come from sleight of hand or from a magician. Sometimes you can create your own magic moments yourself. Accidents happen everyday and sometimes the injuries incurred are permanent. Cinderella is a smart, kind and beautiful young girl living with her stepfamily. But, not all stepparents embrace their spouse’s children. Some enjoy tormenting the child by ridiculing them or doing something to harm them either mentally or physically. Cinderella cannot move about like other young girls. She cannot dance, run or even take a walk in their garden. Cinderella moves about in her wheelchair with a smile on her face and hoping to please the family that does not seem to want her around.

Enjoying a pleasant summer’s evening in their kitchen the two stepsisters and their mother discuss an upcoming event. Invited to attend a costume party at the palace they begin planning what they want to wear and even expect Cinderella’s help. Being naïve and trusting Cinderella offers to create some magnificent jewelry for each of the girls to wear to the ball with a promise that she could tag along if she succeeds. Promises matter and they should be honored. A simple handshake was supposed to seal the deal. But, like many other young children who hope that miracles will happen and their simple dreams will come true, they often learn the harsh truths from experience.

The day of the party arrives and Cinderella has managed to create some really intricate jewelry fit for a queen for each of the stepsisters. Excited about her costume and going to the ball Cinderella never expects what her stepmother does. Rather than allow her to attend the ball she does the unthinkable and destroys her hope with an act of cruelty that is truly unforgiveable. 

Author Jewel Kats brings to light an issue we often read about in the news, in many fairytales and yet it is far from fiction but at times fact. Stepfamilies do not always get along and in this case the other two sisters are jealous of Cinderella even though she is in a wheelchair. The illustrations tell the story in detail and the expressions on the faces of the characters relay the message loud and clear. On page 7 you can see Cinderella’s disappointment as her stepmother takes away any hope her attending the ball.

Magic is amazing and everyone needs a special guardian angel to help you through the hard times. What about a beautiful student fairy godmother sent to save the day? Meet Monique who is learning the craft and Cinderella’s last hope to attend the ball. With her special magic wand wait and see what she does to the damaged costume and the wheelchair. You just won’t believe it! What would you do if you had a wheelchair that could fly? What about making a grand entrance into the palace that will stun not only her family but everyone else too?

Cinderella feels magical, beautiful and has never had an experience that this in her life. The Prince is not only handsome but kind too. Wait until you see them on the dance floor. But, not everyone is happy that she is there and the reaction of her stepsisters allows young readers to know that sometimes people never change and lessons still need to be learned.

Magic does not last forever but Cinderella decided to forge ahead on her own and wait until you see what she is doing and where she is living. Will she be successful? Will her new business provide a good income for her? What about the prince? Will he ever find her? Happily ever after takes work and commitment on the part of two people. What happens will surprise the reader and definitely let you know that Cinderella is smart, creative, loving and definitely able to stand on her own. Many places that she hopes to visit need to have a ramp for those in wheelchairs. Making fun of someone who is handicapped is wrong and the author brings this to light. Author Jewel Kats has her own magic cane that she walks with and proves that handicaps do not slow you down. This is an outstanding book for young readers, parents, teachers, rehab centers and even young adults to understand what happens when someone has a physical disability and needs the love and support of friends and family. What about her sisters? Read Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair to find out the answer. Magic: It’s amazing! Don’t let anything keep you down.

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