Author: Hallee Bridgeman
Publisher: Olivia Kimbrell Press
ISBN: 978-0615644295

Does He just love us and love us from the time we are born and we disappoint Him over and over and just shun His love – and He never stops? He just never stops loving us even when we push Him away over and over again?” Derrick asks in Hallee Bridgeman’s novel, Topaz Heat.

At two hundred and ten pages, this paperback book is the third in the Jewel Series, continuing the story of the three half-sisters in current day society. With no profanity, overt sexual scenes or extreme violence, this Christian-themed romance has minor discussions regarding physical abuse and murder along with a few Bible verses. It is targeted toward mature teenagers and women who appreciate clean, tender tomes. Besides seven discussion questions at the end of the story, several luncheon recipes are included.

Sarah Thomas cannot remember the first ten years of her life. Having two older half-sisters and an addicted mother, she was always hiding in the closet with them, cold, hungry, and afraid of the next beating. She was astonished someone truly love her when she was adopted, forgetting her past and never wanting to become like her murdered biological mother.

Ten years later, the almost thirty year old woman finds solace as a nurse at a hospital delivering babies. Now that she is in touch with her two sisters, she and her adopted mother are at a lost when her father is put in a memory-care home and passes away.

Meanwhile, she still detests Derrick DeNunzio, who returns after two years in New York to Boston, where he grew up as a poor street kid involved in drug deals and petty thefts. When they met years ago, she shunned him due to his gruffness and tattoos while protecting her heart in getting involved with anyone similar to her biological mother’s background.

But Derrick has not forgotten Sarah ever since that first meeting at her brother-in-law’s house. Dealing with his youthful sins, he relies on God’s grace and forgiveness, praying this woman would look at him now for whom he truly is.

While Sarah starts to remember and accept her darkened past, Derrick’s fights long forgotten demons as both learn to trust God and listen to each other. This predictable romantic tale reflects God’s constant love and direction in two lives that are undeniably intertwined.

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