Author: Joyce Magnin
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-33358-6

God isn’t doing anything. But please. Remember, he’s got this. He’s in control and even if the worse happens, it will be all right. Somehow it will be all right,” Martha tries to convince Harriet in Joyce Magnin’s book, Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold.

This three hundred and eleven page paperback book is the second in the author’s series and is a current-day fictional novel based in Grass Valley, California. With no profanity, violence or sexual situations, the Christian based story is about a mature woman who learns from her mistakes in life. This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

Spunky seventy-two year old Harriet Beamer has moved from Pennsylvania to Northern California to live with her writer son, Henry, and lawyer wife, Prudence. With her beloved Basset Hound, Humphrey, and an extensive collection of salt and pepper shakers, she is slowly adjusting to living out West.

Getting restless, the quirky woman meets neighbor Florence but misses her dear friend, Martha, who plans to visit her in a few weeks. When Florence takes her to a local gold mine, the woman becomes infatuated that gold can be mined abundantly, especially when she meets a teenager named Lily and her unscrupulous father who cons her into buying gold mining rights.

Meanwhile, Henry and Prudence are not only planning to add an addition onto their family home to accommodate Harriet, they find out Prudence is pregnant. Harriet is excited beyond belief to become a grandmother but feels insecure telling them about her newly acquired investment.

When Martha comes to visit, Harriet confides in her about the gold mine and the two women are forced to reevaluate what is most important in both of their lives. Woven between the characters, worry, jealousy, and disappointment are brought to the forefront as they work out their personal problems.

Will Harriet see the love her children have for her no matter the outcome while Humphrey gets his fill of glazed donuts? Will Martha find true happiness while visiting the opposite side of the country and will the expecting parents trust Harriet’s motherly experience as the all learn to live together?

While the book has quite a bit of repetitive, trite dialogue along with expounding on the minutiae such as food, the theme that God is in control and knows all things is an undercurrent throughout the book as it explains excavating gold in placer mines.

This book was furnished by Booksneeze in lieu of an unbiased review.

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