Author: Lisa Owen
Illustrator: CJ Milam
Publisher: Alpha Wolf Publishing
ISBN: 978-1489596116

He hooked Windy up right beside her friend, Windy. And, once again, Windy and Whirly spinned, fluffed, whirled and bounced with joy,” Lisa Owen writes in her children’s book, Windy and Whirly.

At thirty pages, this oversize paperback book is targeted toward preschool to kindergarten aged children. With no profanity or scary scenes, it could be a quiet, calm bedtime story. Due to the amount and complexity of wording, beginner readers may find reading more challenging. Large colored drawings with thick outlines by CJ Milam grace usually the left side of the page while black words against a white background are normally on the right side of the page.

In this tome, Windy is a big blue laundry dryer and Whirly is a matching washing machine. Both are painted blue with Whirly always wearing a red bow. The two females are best friends, never wanting to be separated.

Wanting to grow up helpful and useful, the two machines live in a big, cold building, waiting patiently to be chosen for someone’s family home. Although there are scary, loud noises at night, they comfort one another as they wait for a new owner, hoping they will be able to stay together.

One day the Owen family visits and Whirly makes as much noise as she can to get their attention. She does and the two machines go home to their house and are happy as they bounce, spin and whirl together.

After a while, Windy wakes up and notices immediately Whirly is gone. She frantically looks for her friend, hoping she is brave and not afraid, wherever she is. When she cries, Mrs. Owen tries to comfort her and wipes her tears away. Mrs. Owen tries to tell her husband about the friendship the two machines have but he balks at her findings.

Windy is later joined with Whirly at a new house and Mr. Owen finally understands what a special bond the two devices have for one another.

Although machines do not talk and some of the pictures portray gray clouds coming out of Whirly that could be misconstrued as smoke, this tale reiterates how friendship can last between two when they love and care deeply for each other.

This book was furnished by the author in lieu of an unbiased review.

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