Author: Douglas Corleone

Publisher: Minotaur Books; St. Martins

ISBN-10: 1250017203 ISBN-13: 978-1250017208

6-year-old Lindsay Sorkin disappears in the middle of the night from a Paris resort-style hotel room. The National Police doesn’t want a media circus which will endanger Lindsay’s life as well as the country’s reputation; therefore Simon Fisk’s expertise is quietly sought.

Simon is a former fugitive hunter who now works privately retrieving children abducted by non-custodial parents. He is a very kind and sensitive man with nothing to lose. Carrying a heavy burden of loss, Simon agrees to take on the assignment to retrieve Lindsay so that there will be two less parents in the world walking aimlessly through their own hell on earth.

Simon’s clarity of mind and thought processes are astounding. He is focused, disciplined, systematic, thorough and meticulous. Like an eagle with the sharpest eyes he spots tiny details that other trained investigators have missed, while his brilliant logics connect dots with amazing precision. And all the while he hurts. He knows what the parents are going through and he feels for them. Genuinely worries about Lindsay’s welfare, Simon puts her priority in the foremost of his mind when making abhorrent decisions, such as, having to end his opponent’s life in self defence, even though, personally, in getting himself killed he has nothing to lose.

Good As Gone is masterpiece crime thriller that will keep readers on edge as Simon races against time to save an innocent life, from Paris to various international cities and alleys, dealing with dangerous lowlifes from smelly street thugs to the most sophisticated criminals, and of course, hindered by corrupt law enforcers.

Don’t mistake this as just another Madeleine-McCann-inspired story: Good As God is a highly original fast-paced ingenious suspense, and you will never mistake Douglas Corleone’s writing style with anyone else’s because Doug’s work is supremely above today’s other crime writers’. He is a lot like Simon Fisk:

  • Doug’s clarity of mind and thought processes are astounding, delivering the exceptionally complex plot in clear voice and easy-to-follow methodical narration, which is a high achievement considering the fast pace of the intricate twists and turns.

  • Doug is focused, disciplined, systematic, meticulously thorough and logically brilliant, leaving no chance for readers to get confused in a convoluted maze, taking them along with him through dangers, action, and heart-wrenching pain.

  • Doug has perfect knowledge of the content, either from his professional research or experiences as a former defense lawyer.

  • Like an eagle with the sharpest eyes Doug spots tiny details to the tee, and this applies in both his superbly comprehensive story and flawless English, such as, though I received a review copy marked “uncorrected”, I could not spot mistakes to correct.

  • And unlike the majority of today’s men-fic, Doug isn’t afraid of honesty. He shows us how men too feel, and feel deeply, even those who often have to act with ruthless brutality. He is polite in his speech, even when being witty. (Who did say, never underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary?) In Fisk, you can see Doug clearly: he is caring, and he respects women.

Don’t miss reading this book, even though I’m sure a movie deal isn’t too far away. Simon Fisk and the story are that good you’ll be glad this is going to be a series.

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