Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

Publisher: Silver Leaf Books, LLC
ISBN: Print: 978-1-60975-043-5; eBook: 978-1-60975-044-2

This is the second book of the Warlord Trilogy and as in the previous book this too has ample action and blood fest in doses potent enough to keep an adventure lover hooked. The story talks about the journey of the true heir of Falestia and the many challenges he faces in claiming what is rightfully his. In this journey he encounters several adventures and meets several strangers that either ally with him or try to finish him. The book, especially the first twelve chapters, is an effortless read. A reader, even if he wants to, wouldn’t be able to miss even a single line because Clifford B. Bowyer really leaves a reader spellbound.

The meeting between Barksis and his ‘Troll’ father come across as no less than a perfect start for the book. But then later, the lack of emotional bonding between the two does not, somehow, look very convincing. The idea that the writer has put forward is the unity of races, then why does the hero agree to his uncle’s suggestion to not call the ‘Troll’ his father; his silence is shattering. But then the writer already has brought into question the hero’s ‘cool’ nature when his thought process is laid bare by him in connection to the Wraith girl. When his companion enquires about the Wraith girl the hero at one moment feels that it may dent his quest.

Another highlight of this book is the vivid employment of sexual imagery. The hero and the rival both have their share of sexual relations but the way they are presented brings out the difference in their characters minutely. While for one it is the beginning of love, for another it is just ‘comfort’ and gratification. The contrast couldn’t have been any starker!

There are several new and old characters that have been introduced. Now this could have been a bad thing with a lesser writer but Clifford has been able to give them identity and character of their own, which indeed is remarkable. The only thing that breaks concentration, while reading, is the overconcentration on the aspects of warfare. But, this is something completely subjective because for some this would appear no less than a special treat! After all what is a fantasy book without action? All in all, the second book is a good read and those who love adventure and fantasy sagas would love this one too!

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