Author: Marc Berlin
Publisher: BB Books
ISBN: 978-0-985962418

Any use of real names of any actual persons, living or dead, is entirely accidental and coincidental. In cases where public figures are being satirized, the facts may be totally invented for the sake of parody, humor, or amusement,” Marc Berlin states in his disclaimer at the beginning of his book, Obama Confidential – Strange, Odd, and Bizarre Letters to the 44th President.

This one hundred and eighty-eight page paperback book is touted as an “outrageous collection of letters” to the current President of the United States. It may be enjoyed by those who like political humor, making fun of others and mocking the current status of our country. With some profanity, there is intentional misspellings for dialect emphasis, punctuation errors and some hard to read fonts. Also included are several interesting photographs of the President that may or may not have been altered.

When seeing this book on the bookshelf in a store, one would believe from reading the back jacket cover that the letters compiled inside are simply copies of actual correspondence to the leader of our country. Yet they are not.

In reading the disclaimer placed inside, readers will realize (most likely after purchasing) all is fictional writing, even though it is presented in a supposedly realistic manner. Letters from famous individuals such as past American presidents, Charles Manson, Dennis Rodman, Lance Armstrong, Leon Panetta, Steven Spielberg, and Warren Buffett along with fictional nobodies from Texas, Harvard, Lockheed Martin, Minnesota, and Afghanistan to name a few are included.

Of course, President Obama has his alleged say-so by replying to some letters to offer his viewpoint, complete on supposed White House letterhead. Some letters included are written to the First Lady.

The letters are sometimes irreverent, totally inane, and irresponsible as they should be since they are imagined. If George Bush is leaving gum in the Oval Office desk drawer or a woman named Therese is updating Obama about his love-child, no subject is avoided. However, after reading five or ten letters, sometimes with presidential rebuttals, the reader feels duped that none of them are truly real letters from real people.

Had such a book been assembled that did include odd, bizarre and eclectic correspondence to any of our U.S. Presidents, it would be more interesting than various ramblings that glean a chuckle or smile here and there.

This book was furnished by the author for an unbiased review.

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