Author:  Donna Pisella

Publisher:  Outskirts Press
ISBN:  978-1-4787-1269-5

Everyone at some time has a life changing experience. Some are positive and others are negative. My friend the Goblin will relate to all his young readers, teachers, parents, guidance counselors and authors just how author Donna Pisella recorded his life changing experience. In order for you to really appreciate and understand what happened to him, the Goblin will relate the events.

Hi Everyone: Just call me Goblin. The title of this great book by author Donna Pisella is The Blue Goblin but in reality I am green or at least I was green until something happened that changed my life.

My goal in life is to scare people, mainly little children. I love being green but even more I adore being grumpy. Who ever heard of a happy goblin that scared children? It’s the grump in me that comes through and really makes sure they are properly scared. Snacks are vital to my mood and if I don’t eat enough of the green wriggly worms I really become grumpier, angry and unhappy. Going out on evening I was thinking about which houses to enter and scare the children and I forgot to take along my wriggly worms. When faced with the huge task of having to scare lots of little children I need to fortify myself with tons and tons of wriggly worms.

My energy level was falling and I needed to find something that would satisfy my hunger pains. My stomach was growling and my hunger pains were really great so I decided to look around the forest to find something that I could eat. Never ever eating anything that was not green I was not sure what would happen if I tried a food of a different color. But, what was I to do? The only food that I came across were blueberries that were so sweet and delicious if I say so myself. But, here is where things changed for me and with the help of illustrator Dustin Pike; the events are colorfully recorded for readers to see just what happens to me.

At the top of the page you will see the read green me but at the bottom of one of the pages you will see the transformation that took place that would scare not only me but my friends too. Never eating anything but green food what was he going to do now that he was no longer green? But, a job is a job and scaring children was his goal so he forged ahead and prayed that it would not matter that he was no longer green. Entering the first house proved to be a mistake when you read what happened when he tried to scare the children. What happens at the second house sent me home to my bed and feeling BLUE!

What am I going to do and will I ever be green again? Needing food and nourishment I decided to eat my favorite pig out food and hope for the best. Afraid of change and not wanting anyone to see me I went in search of either more blueberries or anything that might help turn me back to my normal self again. I could not find the blueberries but something did happen to me but I cannot explain how and I won’t give away exactly what occurred next. Going to town I looked around and you won’t believe what I found that just might solve my problem. Green is the answer to staying healthy. What foods I found that convinced me you will have to read for yourself and better yet try them out you won’t be disappointed.

Author Donna Pisella taught me and I hope all young readers that foods that are green are really healthy and trying something new just might change your life for the better. Never be afraid to take a positive chance in life and just maybe you too will find something else to do besides scaring children. This book is great for young readers in grades K-2 and will help parents and educators encourage children to eat healthy.


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