Author:  Preston McWhorter
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN-10: 1478705: ISBN-13: 978-1478705901

Poetry is an extremely different and difficult work of art. To bring out an entire line of thought in a few lines is indeed a task in itself and these days only a few undertake this challenge. The most difficult genre in poetry is the religious and inspirational theme. This is what this poet is attempting in this book.

But why is poetry getting a rough deal? Actually, a major problem lies not with the writers but with the readers, like us, who look for escape and do not wish to confront the surroundings. In this light Preston Mc Whorter, really undertook a gigantic challenge. For a poetry lover this is a delightful work and he does not disappoint anywhere. The best part about any book is whether the book is able to seduce a reader in its fictional world. Here, the poet has been able to do that; be it rape or his emotions about the society. His words flow and chalk a very ‘real’ world that he feels deserves to take a look inside itself. The poet confronts the ideas that he feels are leading to rot and also employs language befitting the tone and theme of the book.

Now, rhymes are often the first thing that most readers look for. Employment of rich vocabulary, often, is mistaken to compensate for the vision of the writer. But the fact is that the vision and imagery of any writer first and foremost complement the words. He must be able to create a delicate harmony between theme, vocabulary and his vision, only then can any piece of poetry take shape and form.

The best example of such a work in this book is the poem ‘The Guru’ where the poet talks about peace within our souls. The words do not rhyme but thoughts of the poet unfold like petals of a newly blossomed lotus!

Just like the poem mentioned above, the other one on the list that evokes extreme response is ‘The Massacre/Rape.’ The poem speaks about the degradation of humanity and the employment of force to fulfill needs. One read of this poem is potent enough to send shiver down the spine and make a reader question the lack of moral values in the event of war. The imagery of violence, peace and love are the highlights of this poetry book and there is a clear message or should I say a ‘plea’ from the poet to restore the righteousness in the world. A worthy read!

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