Author: Bob Gammon
Illustrator: Dwain Esper
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1-4817-5529-0

Sir Perseverance left the castle a brave knew knight. With George by his side, the proud knight rode off to protect and defend his new kingdom,” Bob Gammon writes in his children’s book, The Good Knight.

At eleven pages, this letter-sized paperback booklet has a tall green dragon looking down at an old knight on a horse on the front cover. The back cover is a simple half gray and green background with two paragraphs about the book and author. Illustrator Dwain Esper creates large, simple drawings that follow the short storyline.

Dedicated to those serving in the United States military, the book is about perseverance and completing a goal, even if it is later in one’s life. With no profanity or scary scenes or storyline, the tome is geared toward preschool to kindergarten aged children.

In this story from long ago, George was a big green dragon with horns that was tame so did not breathe fire through his nostrils but shapes instead, such as puffy clouds, unicorns and tall ships. He was a very nice, thoughtful dragon.

There was an old squire who lived in the nearby village that wanted to be a knight someday but never got the chance because he was always taking care of other knights. One day he decided he could not wait any longer so put on his old armor and got on his old horse to find a dragon to slay so he could become a knight.

When the old squire met George, he tried stoically to attack him. But his horse tripped and both fell down. Of course, this disappointed and saddened the old squire, who thought he would never be knighted.

George took a deep breath and blew out a scene of a castle with lords, ladies and a king. The king knighted the old man and dubbed him “Sir Perseverance.” This was a dream come true for the squire as everyone cheered him. In the end, the newly-knighted, proud man left the castle on his horse with his new-found friend, George, at his side.

By showing how perseverance and commitment to a goal or something one wants can pay off, this short children’s book also teaches how to be nice to others. Although the book could have been longer and explain more, it is a good bedtime read for a youngster.

This book was furnished by the author in lieu of an unbiased review.

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