Author: Tori L. Ridgewood

ISBN-10: 1612356397  ISBN-13: 978-1612356396

Meet Rayvin, natural witch, acquitted murderer at 19, yet unfairly tried and judged and sentenced by her unforgiving hometown people. It does not occur to them that shy and sensitive Rayvin is the one who has been severely wronged. Too young to face their persecution and injustice, Rayvin escapes Talbot in heartbreak—leaving behind the only place she knows, and her high-school crush, Grant Michaels. In the city Rayvin grows up to become a photographer, who, in her personal life, suffers poor treatment from anti-witch men.

A decade later Rayvin returns to the small town Talbot at the most inopportune moment, just as strange occurrences such as disappearing residents and pets are taking place. Gorgeous Grant who is now a police officer stands among Rayvin’s harsh opponents. Everybody shuns her, except her foster sister. When a loose vampire hurts this foster sister, Rayvin is determined to rescue her. In the process, Rayvin and Grant get complicatedly involved, while the vampire becomes very interested in mating with her to create an all-powerful family of vampire-witch hybrids.

This is a fantasy novel, meaning, events can occur without explanations or rationales, and of course, human and non-human characters peopled this story. As different species, they don’t get along well and are suspicious of others who are different from them. Worse than that, among the humans suspicion and intolerance are rife and drive poor treatment towards their own kind. Meanwhile in the vampire world, hunger and greed for power dominates their actions.

A literary critic may notice that the paragraphs could do some tightening, repetitions could be omitted, more attention should be paid to smooth the flow changes, the substance could be better explained, the horrors could be better executed to make them hair-raising, and the emotional scenes move readers to care more. But, this book is never meant for literary critics.

Wind and Shadows is for readers who want to get away and unburden themselves from everyday’s real-world strives and simply relax in a light fantasy. It has all the ingredients of a getaway read: vampires, lovers, magic. The characters are well thought-out: you could come to care for our heroine the misunderstood witch, who has been cruelly condemned by the judgmental small town residents and constantly blamed for the troubles within her community. You could sympathize with her befuddled hunky lover. And you could want to kick the lowlife vampire baddies. Well written and meticulously plotted by Tori L. Ridgewood in most parts, this book will meet the expectations of its target market: readers of paranormal fantasy.

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