Author: Caleb Breakey
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5542-3

But what if your church desperately needs love and truth because it doesn’t know what it’s doing? What if others in your church feel the same way you do but are too afraid to speak up? What if your church is a good thing waiting to happen?” Caleb Breakey asks in his book, Called to Stay – An Uncompromising Mission to Save Your Church.

At one hundred and eighty-seven pages, this paperback book is targeted toward Christians generally ages late teen to early thirties but any mature person can grow and learn from its recommendations regarding attending church. This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

Breakey breaks the book down into three parts: Why You Shouldn’t Abandon the Body, If You Want to Serve Your Savior and Age of the Infiltrator. With a total of ten chapters with bold headings, small inserts of famous quotes and ending with What Now and What Next paragraphs, the book concludes with a note and conversation with the author, Twitter hashtags listings and reference notes.

Keeping in mind that the author is a youthful Millennial, it is his plea that young people rethink their relationship to God first before deciding how they interact with their church. He inspires the readers who are either frustrated or sieged at churches to become infiltrators by loving the unlovely and forgiving others through unity, depth and purpose.

Reiterating that churches and those who attend can easily wander away from their first love, he pleads that God is truly our only audience and the focus should be on intentionality, not results or growing memberships.

By getting right with God before infiltrating churches, reading the Scripture, praying and examining motives are pivotal to responding to the call, enduring the heartache and sharing the good life. He suggests infiltrating a church by going to conferences, reading and experiencing the process with others who are profiled to promote love, obedience, trust and knowledge.

Although the young author correlates his staying in his church to fictional scenarios, readers can see how important it can be to decide to stay or leave a particular church. However, he vaguely factors in when a church collapses, a pastor leaves or in-fighting destroys relationships at no fault of the church-goer.

With so many Christians either wanting to leave their church due to apathy, lack of spiritual doctrine and non-Biblical teaching, Breakey promotes taking a stand, becoming outspoken and changing the church from within to how God wants it to be.

This book was furnished by Harvest House Publishers for an unbiased review.

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