Author: Jon Foyt

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-10: 1481879162

In this novel, it is the humor that steals the show right from the onset. For a storyline that has nuclear terrorism, love and jealousy as the core themes, it may surprise a reader that witty humor would even be present. But here it does and in good doses too! This makes this book a joyful read. The relationship between the protagonists is another high point of this novel.

The chemistry between Christopher and Marlene is as real as it can get! Their love for each other does not have the boisterousness of youth but it is passionate nevertheless. The seduction between them does not look fake or cheap. Even the fights and the mood swings have the same realistic tone with a subtle hint of humor that really makes this book a great bedside companion.

Another great point of this book is the interweaving of plots; deftly handled and deliciously delivered. Oscar and Susan, the protagonist of the second plot represent an ideal marriage which certainly cannot be said of the relationship between Christopher and Marlene. Marlene at one point even muses about her inability to decipher the real ‘Christopher.’ In the end too, when she goes looking for him, her little understanding of Christopher surfaces. But she is able to tide over it this time, not with a frown but with a smile. The character of cat too adds to the gleeful and exotic setting of the novel.

It is amazing how the writer has been able to use this feline creature for his novel without ‘humanizing’ it or making it do spectacular deeds. This restraint in using an animal character without trying to manipulate it to extend the story is a lesson for all the writers who can’t escape the seduction of using such characters to solve the bottlenecks of their plots.

The sole criticism of the novel is that at times it may appear a little too frothy for readers who are looking for some serious material. It is bound to appear light with such liberal doses of humor but may be that is what the writer had envisioned too; why else would the villain get duped (the best moment!) and the tragic situation that she created be over in just a few pages? In short, the writer has created an excellent plot with dollops of humor and some ‘real’ chemistry that makes this one a must read!

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