Author: Joy Ghosh


ISBN: 9780615733968

                                             The CL-aw of Attraction

This book contains a phenomenal amount of information. And that is, putting it mildly.

It aims to provide a complete picture of consciousness (human, animal, plant, nonliving), interactive relationships, memory, choice and free will, evolution, why we have been created as we are, yes, the lot. Combining his skills as a software engineer, with a passionate interest in physics, and a certified degree in hypnotherapy, the author, Joy Ghosh, presents an extremely original interpretation of reality creation and all the myriad questions related with the interfacing  and interplay between the Creator and the created, in a treatise that has taken a decade to process and assimilate before it took its final form in this book.

The book bases its analysis on the key concepts between the Creator and the created (called “Creature” in this book). The existential reason of being a “Creator” is to create for the ineffable joy of reproducing itself in another seemingly disparate  entity. The “Creature” is designed to enjoy “ unbounded delight” in receiving the  physical experience of Life, an experience which is geared to culminate in the recognition of the Creator within itself. Also, since the “Creature” is a part of the  Creator, it is Immortal by nature. It exists in an unseen dimension beyond space-time as an “active body”, giving support and sustenance to an “adaptive body” in three dimensions, the latter is mortal, being within space-time. The “adaptive body” has constant access to the “active body” (also called the Higher Self in the  literature) through gamma brain waves, but it also has the freedom of choice to bypass that channel, because of neural memory pathways which divert to lower frequency pathways. Additionally, the purpose of our being, according to Joy Ghosh, is to engage in “symbiotic relationships” based on the free will choice of both “Creatures” in order to enjoy “unbounded delight” in their togetherness.

The plan of the book is as follows. Chapter Zero is entitled “The Conclusion” where some of the concepts mentioned in the above paragraph are introduced. Chapter One deals briefly with the author’s own story and events that preceded his own experience of the information that is given in this book.

Chapter Two is entitled “The Launchpad” and has been written with some intentional aggression, as it takes up questions that are intended to jumpstart the reader on his/her individual quest for his/her true nature and purpose of being.

Chapters Three and Four present a framework for levels of consciousness and the reader is exhorted to evaluate his/her own consciousness levels as regards his/her key relationships on the above scales.

Chapter Five talks of the Laws of Creation, analyzing clearly, the role of the Creator and the Creature, pointing out in detail and without mincing words, the Creature’s personal responsibilities in creating a life of “unbounded plight”.

Chapter Six introduces the concept of Parallel Universes and the six pairs of strands of human DNA. The author postulates herein, an entirely plausible interpretation of the six pairs of DNA strands, five pairs of which are commonly known as “junk DNA”: He states that the fifth and sixth pairs of DNA are geared to form a connection between the “adaptive body” of the Creature and the “active body” of the same, showing in the process, how we are endowed via our DNA, with the power to choose a Parallel Universe.

Chapter Seven is exceptionally long and detailed, it presents a multidimensional model of existence, showing how consciousness steps down from the eleventh dimension (as proposed by modern string theory) to zero, the lowest possible, postulating in the process, a new particle, which the author terms, a “sourceon”. This is a particle that bridges realms from within space-time and realms beyond the same.

Chapter Eight deals with the perfect design of the human “adaptive body” and of its DNA, using concepts from Sacred Geometry, the Chakra system, memory types and brainwave frequencies. Here, the author spells out for the reader, the existence of a so-called GPS system involving the “active body”, accessible for navigation 24/7 that is contained within our DNA.

Chapter Nine is a meditative conversation between the author and his own “active body” where they discuss aspects of human evolution from the standpoint of the physics of propagating waves.

Chapter Ten, entitled appropriately “The Beginning”, ends this treatise with a picture of the road ahead as the reader is exhorted to begin his/her individual search.

As mentioned earlier, the “active body” has all the answers needed by an individual, gleaned from a bird’s eye view of a life trajectory from outside space-time. It is also responsible for activating the much touted Law of Attraction, based on the premise that what you want, wants you as well. According to Joy, activation of the “active body” and following its advice, puts you on the shortest course to get attracted to the desired outcome, hence the title of this review. Incidentally, Joy has written a subsequent book explaining this point. The book is called “The FL-aw of Attraction”.

There is much more information in this book than a review of this size can do justice to. For instance, the formulation has been geared, presumably, using the principles of hypnotherapy to induce a particular state of consciousness. The book appears to have scored a 998 out of a 1000 on the Hawkins scale of consciousness..The author himself claims that, presenting this material as revealed to him by his active body was a part of his purpose in this lifetime.

A book of this size and scope is bound to raise questions. Being a formalism, it is the size which has dictated the content. Many explanations of accepted principles are due. Hopefully these will be addressed in the sequel to this book that is under process. Nevertheless, the picture presented so far,fits like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the reasoning is watertight.

At the very least, the concepts put forward in this book, need  to surface and be debated threadbare. The material is truly exceptional, it can affect positively the consciousness of the reader, promoting hope where there is none.

Strongly recommended.

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