Author: Gregg Peter Farah
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9849772-5-3

But also take time to allow the God of the universe to invade your brain and soul. In fact, let the Bible serve as the filter for all you watch, read, and listen to,” Gregg Peter Farah recommends in his book, 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith – Connect with God in a Busy, Noisy World.

This two hundred and nineteen page paperback book is targeted toward Christians who want to connect with the Almighty by increasing in their faith. Using the NLT, NCV, ESV, Living Translation, The Message and unnamed Bible translations, this series’ book is divided into eight sections on faith, in relation to yourself, a friend, a group, while on the go, methodically, courageously, artistically and on your own. After the notes at the end of the book, there are four examples of another book in the series of fifty two reasons to believe in the Bible, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

All fifty-two ways are numbered and start with “All you need is ….” There is a paragraph about the topic, a key Bible verse followed by several paragraphs, usually written from the writer’s personal perspective, a key quote, a “try it” paragraph on how to implement the faith characteristic with a testimony of someone who did try it, ending with a short prayer and space for notes.

Methods to increase faith include ideas such as viewing nature, ask a friend a question, or arrive early to a group meeting to use a map, slow down, stop and say hello, borrow a church hymnal and stop and pray immediately.

The concept of the book is to stop focusing on the busyness and noise that surrounds us but gradually focus on God. By reading one tip every day or per week, by oneself or in a study group using the suggested template, a stronger, more faithful attitude toward God will develop.

For example: Way # 23 is about a good pair of shoes as Farrah promotes praying while taking a walk, listing the key verse from Ephesians 6:18. He talks about walking in Nepal to Bible school with a friend, praying as they traveled. A Marcel Proust quote is given and it is suggested to start walking around the block, praying for neighbors as you pass their homes. After he gives a man name Peter’s testimony about “prayer walking,” there is a short prayer with space to add personalization.

Since life seems to be often out of control, this is a great reminder book to center us back to thinking about God more often, which will increase our faith. Although there is plenty of the author’s personal input, much can be gleaned to connect more clearly and constantly with our Lord.

This book was furnished by Bookfun in lieu of an unbiased review.

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