Author: Rhonda Walker
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 978-1-4497-9438-5

Without exception, every woman shares the belief that strong faith in God is tempered and made firm because of, not in spite of, the rough seas of life’s touch times. I believe this, above all, is why these women stand as glowing testaments of faith and strength,” Rhonda emphasizes in her book, Beyond the Shadows is Tomorrow.

This one hundred and eighty page paperback book is a collection of women’s thoughts, memories and heartbreaks in life and how God has given them strength, encouragement and fortitude to press onward. Targeted toward Christian women, it can be read by anyone who is looking for direction through life’s challenges.

Enclosed are twenty-six chapters based on women’s viewpoints of God from different aspects of their lives, be it married, single, house wife, divorced, mother, grandparent, young or elderly. Blending a few unknown and authored poems and hymns, chapters are one to twenty-three pages long, sometimes written in first person.

Throughout our lives, we are tested, have trials, and weather tribulations that God allows to strengthen us and make us closer to Him. Stories told involve tender memories of upbringings, church-going and never losing faith to overcoming addictions, facing illnesses or depressions of loved ones or themselves.

Entwined in the stories shines God’s love, mercy and grace as women promote relying on God, praying, reading the Scripture, keeping a journal or singing praises to overcome their hurt, shame, silent agony, guilt and sometimes devastating circumstances.

Take the raw, real life story of Doris. Rebellious at a young age, she was so addicted to alcohol that her children were almost taken away from her and her husband, who was once involved with pornography. Later when both turned their hearts to Jesus, the road was still tough, but she gives God the glory and credit through each day of her sobriety.

With tales of drug use, alcoholism, physical and sexual abuse, abortion, miscarriages, affairs, divorce, mental illness and depression along with seeing the presence of spiritual beings, all is laid at Jesus’s feet for redemption and forgiveness.

With a multitude of sorrow and sadness, Walker has forged the way for broken women to get past the dark shadow of their lives and move into the beautiful, bright, cleansing of Christ which may help others who are bogged down to see the Light.

This book was furnished by the publicist for review purposes.

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