Author: James B Huntington, PhD., Author

Publisher: Royal flush Press

ISBN: 978-0-9835006-7-4

Doctor Huntington, author of Choosing A Lasting Career, has worked as an educator, professor, and professional speaker. (2013, unnumbered page in the end of the book) His doctoral concentration was in the area of employment for Baby Boomers (2007, Prospects for Increased Post-65 Career Employment for the Baby Boom Generation). Other topics he has published range from leadership to human development thru organizational change. Doctor Huntington created a key indicator of economic data that accurately depicts latent job demand in the USA (American Job Shortage Number). His BA is in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, MBA from the University of Phoenix, and PhD. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University. Currently he resides with his family in Eldred, New York. To learn more about this author you can log on to his blog at

Choosing A Lasting Career (2013, 21) opens with “What is happening with jobs, and why is the lack of them going to continue?”. Doctor Huntington goes on to say that “With the rise of industry, most people exchanged their labor for money…people without jobs were usually called “idlers” or “loafers”…”. And that one reason is, “Economies in Europe and elsewhere had been getting more competitive with America…”. I can personally attest to this phenomena because for years now I have been saying that the jobs that once were are no more and people who need to work will have to work hard to reinvent themselves for today’s work landscape.

Unless you follow job and jobless statistics you may not know that as recently as “…December 2012, official American unemployment stood at 7.8%...”. (2013, p,23) This is troubling and not likely to change any time soon. “There will be even more job losses from mechanization in the future.” (p.26) Doctor Huntington states that this is largely due to the rising cost of health insurance, increased job efficiency, and productivity.

Career selection, according to Doctor Huntington, effectively take into account;, automation, globalization, health insurance, scalability, and efficiency. (2013, p.39) Huntington gives us six career principles to work from; jobs that cannot be automated, local job, jobs without health insurance, and jobs that are already considered efficient. “Jobs dependent on obsolescent or endangered technology are bad.” Conversely, “Jobs catering to the 1% are good.” (p.41) Some sage advice comes from the following statement, “…it is essential that people deciding among careers be aware of the future situation, not the nature of the past or even the present.”

A majority of this book deals with various occupations and how they compare with others in the marketplace. (2013, pgs.45-72, and pgs. 80-144) I enjoyed reading about a lot of this and believe you will too.

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