Author & Illustrator: Emily Hunter
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4787-1182-7

Dear little friend
You’ve come to the end,
But you may read me
Again and again.
Then you’ll remember
Each story true
From God’s Holy Word
That we’ve shared
With you.”
This is the ending poem in Emily Hunter’s children’s book, The Bible-Time Nursery Rhyme Book.

Originally copyrighted in 1981 and redone posthumously one year after the author’s death, this over-sized hardback book is a compilation of poems and artwork from the author arranged in the same order as the Bible. Containing one hundred pages, there are over eighty poems with drawings on every page. Besides having colored pictures every few pages, there are black and white drawings that could easily be used as a coloring book for the artistic reader. A helpful alphabet listing of all writings is included at the end.

Of course, the beginning of the book starts at creation, mentioning in rhyming fashion Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden and the naming of the animals. It moves from Old Testament stories about Noah, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, Naaman, Daniel and Jonah to New Testament stories of Jesus and His birth, miracles, disciples, dying on the cross, resurrection and return.

Blended in between the Biblical stories, are cute, short poems about children, individuality, how God sees us, praying, being thankful and carrying for others with correlating Bible verses. With each poem being four lines long or up to two pages, there are plenty of lessons to learn, including a few fun fill-in-the-blank rhyming poems that will delight the young reader.

Here is a short Bible example called “The Oldest Man Ever:”
“If Methuselah had a birthday cake,
How man candles would it take?
‘Twould take nine hundred and sixty-nine,
For Methuselah lives a long … long … time!”
Reference: Genesis 5:27

And another regular poem is titled, “Here is Ned:”
Here is Ned – good, little Ned!
Before he eats, he bows his head,
And though he’s hungry for his bread,
He takes not a bite till the blessing is said!
Reference: Psalms 100:4

One can easily notice Hunter loved the Lord while she was here on earth and cared deeply for young children with her gentle, fun, and easy to read poems that will inspire, teach and have them yearning to know more about God. This is an excellent choice for bedtime reading while promoting God and the wonderful stories from the Bible.

This book was furnished by Outskirts Press for review purposes.

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