Author: Lisa T. Bergren
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6432-4

This is but the beginning, Cora. You may call yourself by your old name, but you are a Kensington – it may as well be branded on your forehead. What Father wants, Father gets,” Vivian insists in Lisa T. Bergren’s The Grand Tour Series novel, Grand Illusions.

At four hundred and thirty pages, this paperback book is the second in the series set in the early nineteen hundreds about a woman coming of age. With no profanity, mild romantic physical contact and some violence, the historical fiction is targeted toward Christian women. At the end of the book is a chat with the author, discussion questions and historical notes.

After finding out the true identity of her father, twenty year old Cora Diehl Kensington has been skirted away across the ocean to join her newly introduced siblings in the Grand Tour, a guided-tour trip across the British Empire and Europe for young adults to learn of the history, religion and culture of the lands, paid for by their wealthy, opulent American parents.

Although she dearly misses her mother and the sickly papa that raised her in a small Montana town, she tries ardently to blend in and connect to her two sisters and brother as they spend time in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Having considered the last intense weeks of being hunted are behind her and her family, they agree to have their “bear” guide, Will, continue to make arrangements and adventures as they travel. While Will questions his intentions and emotions dealing with his beautiful charge, Cora has to deal with ulterior motives by Pierre, the wealthy Parisian.

Visiting Marseilles, Roman amphitheaters and temples, traveling via barge, touring cars, mules, sailboats and gondolas throughout the countries and being introduced to a countess, count and baroness, each family member learns more about their new sister as she does of them while attending dances, jumping into rivers, going to bullfights or mountain climbing.

However, unknown to the naïve farm girl, her rich, powerful, biological father has his reigns tighter than imagined on her and her relatives overseas. Wanting to have everything his way, will Cora stand up and fight for her true love or acquiesce to his every whim and fancy?

Although there is a multitude of emotional interludes among the pawns of love and a worn path through historical venues, Bergren holds her own charting the way of potential danger to a wealthy family during the time period.

This book was furnished by the publicist for review purposes.

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