Author: Bernadette Pajer

ISBN-10: 1464201285 ISBN-13: 978-1464201288

Publishing house: Poisoned Pen Press

Mystery is a genre that is liberally attempted but rarely delivered. But then excellent writers really do have that strength to envisage a plot and furnish it with aplomb; Bernadette Pajer has done it! That she has done it so deftly is what makes this book such an enjoyable read. Even minutest of details has been given such great thought that it makes a reader one with the characters. The scenic backdrop employed for the gruesome murder provides the required bone-chilling effect. The investigation and especially, the dialogues between the characters are so believable that one feels that they may have come out of the mouth of just anyone present at the scene.

The writer has nailed it with the character of Bradshaw; the central character is trapped in painful past and unable to embrace the brighter side of life. Bradshaw’s shock on finding his own device at the scene of crime is the first jolt that Pajer gives and that too when the reader is just in the process of soaking in the setting of the scene of crime. But after that his careful deliberations and his conversation with his able friend and assistant Henry makes for a delightful turn. The writer has given them great camaraderie and the reader would eventually fall in love with the two men. But yes, it must be said that the layering of the character of Bradshaw is the high point of the book.

His own insecurities and his solitary life after a tragic incident comes not like a blow but rather like a wound that the incidents cut open once again. But that does not reduce the other characters to just mannequins. It goes to the credit of Pajer that every single character, howsoever minute, holds his own and adds to the cloud of mystery. Another great thing about the book as a whole is that every sentence and every word is indispensable. Miss one word and one would feel lost later; such is the taut writing she has employed that the length of the book seems apt; neither too long nor too short.

The fine balance she has created between technological aspects and readability is again a great aspect about this book. Not at one single point does a reader feel belittled by the technological jargon lavishly employed by the writer.

In all aspects, this is a great work of literature and anyone with the taste bud of a reader will do himself a great favor by laying hands on this one.

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