Author: Timothy Martin
Publisher: Neverland Publishing Company, LLC
ISBN: 978-0988829015

No. I’m just saying that if any harm comes to Boomer, you’re going to have the whole Northwestern Pacific Railroad down your back. Do you understand?” Mr. Tilley scolds in Timothy Martin’s book, Somewhere Down the Line: The Legend of Boomer Jack.

This one hundred and eighteen page paperback book is targeted toward young children to adults who love and appreciate dogs. With no profanity but some slang and misspellings for dialect emphasis, it is based on a true story from the early nineteen hundreds.

Mrs. Belmont, wife of the Willits, California mayor and president of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad in 1914 always wanted a house dog. When she got the tiny puppy, she named it Boomer and dressed it up in costumes to pamper it.

However, Boomer wanted no part in the process, instead preferred trains over apparel. One special day he witnessed Mr. Belmont driving in the last railway golden spike and snuck his way on board the first train in town, only to be reprimanded by his female owner.

A year later, Boomer happened to be at the train yard when Paddy, the train’s engineer, allowed the canine to take his first train ride. From then on, the dog ran to the incoming trains anytime he heard the station whistle and took a joy ride.

When it was announced that the train would stop coming to Willits, Boomer took another trip, this time all the way to San Francisco where he and his human friends got kicked out of a hotel, while he fell in love with a dog named Lucky.

Meanwhile, back in the small town, an unruly dog mistaken for Boomer caused a ruckus and the bitter, drunk city dog catcher, Horace Fisk, wanted to catch him. However, young ten year old Sara Parson had such a love for Boomer that she did all she could to keep him safe and away from the evil Fisk.

Many times during the dog’s train adventures, he coerced an elk, bull and cow off the tracks or saved the day as he befriended a cook, hobo and any one he encountered. In the end, he lived a long life, enjoying his favorite thing, the locomotive.

With the tome being based on the actual dog, it is a nice tribute to the memory of a wonderful animal that was enjoyed by so many. The story also promotes that true happiness is not to possess but to love one another, which is a great reminder for any age.

This book was furnished by Neverland Publishing for review purposes.

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