Author: Kelly McDermott Harman

Publisher: Wegost Press
ISBN: 978-0-9892405-0-5

It takes someone with a great sense of humor to pull off writing Did I Say That Out Loud?:Conversations About Life. And that is exactly what Kelly McDermott Harman possesses as she candidly recounts in brief bursts some of her most hilarious life experiences.

One such familiar adventure is her recounting of her trip to Walmart to pick up seven items. As she stood in line at the check-out-counter she noticed there were 54 people behind her and only two people in front. According to Harman, “the cashier had the IQ of an ostrich.” The customer in front of her had 7 items but the woman being checked out had about 432 items and the cashier had a comment for just about every one of them. To make matters worse, at the end of ringing up every item, the shopper pulled out a wad of coupons. In addition, it seemed that every other coupon had some kind of a problem that necessitated extra work on the part of the cashier as well as the calling over the store manager. If that was not enough to drive you up a tree, the last two coupons totaling $1.75 were invalid according to the cash register. The woman was adamant that she did in fact purchase the items and had no intention of going through her grocery bags to find them. At this point, Harman had enough and slapped down a $5 bill and shouted that she would purchase the coupons from the customer telling her to keep the change while demanding of the cashier that she ring her out. To her dismay, the cashier replied that she couldn't do that. Several other people started clapping as she turned to the guy in front of her with the comment: “Don't even think about pulling out a coupon.” To which he replied, “not a chance” as he held up his hands in surrender.

And how about the time you or your spouse began a disastrous construction project only to wind up calling in someone who has the required skills to properly complete the job? Harman convinced herself that she could lay a new brick walkway in front of her house. Unfortunately, it did not exactly turn out as she planned and her husband was furious with her. This led to her finding someone on Craig's list and making it very clear to the workman that she doesn't care how crappy a job he thinks she had done on the walkway. His job was to convey to her husband that she was “THIS CLOSE to getting it right.” Sound familiar? Other comical situations include her cat whose butt exploded, live lobsters in the oven, trying to give herself a bikini wax while on her computer, dealing with her grandchild's potty problems, how a three hundred man fell on her in a bar, and a host of other familiar and not so familiar incidents that will keep you in stitches and begging for more.

These are only a sampling of Harman's rip-roaring escapades which are divided into seven parts dealing with such topics as the unexpected events in our lives, living with your husband, comical experiences at work, dealing with health care professionals, children and grandchildren, friendship and family.

What maintains our attention is that Harman's writing is animated and wildly funny when describing some of the ridiculous situations she has found herself in, yet, it is easy for most of us to relate to them. We are reminded that there are funny things everywhere, we just have to look for them and enjoy some of the goofiness that comes with being human. Moreover, laughing at ourselves can be infectious and when it is shared, as Harman has done with her wonderful essays, they confirm that nothing is more dependable in giving us some balance in our lives than enjoying a good laugh.

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