Author: Maureen Lang
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4143-6446-9

She knew God wouldn’t approve of what she was doing, but did she honestly believe He cared? Surely if her father or Ian were here, they wouldn’t let misplaced guilt or premature remorse prevent them from doing whatever they needed to do,” Maureen Lang describes Meg’s thoughts in her Gilded Legacy novel, Bees in the Butterfly Garden.

At four hundred and seven pages, this paperback book has a photograph of a beautiful dark haired woman holding a rose with both bee and butterfly nearby. Targeted toward women, this Christian historical fiction has no overtly sexual or violent scenes or profanity as it promotes God’s grace and mercy. With almost all chapters starting with an etiquette rule of the time period, the end of the book includes an author’s note, biography, discussion questions and other author’s stories.

Eighteen year old Meg Davenport has been living the majority of her sheltered life at Madame Marisse’s School for Girls in Connecticut in the late eighteen hundreds. Being at such an expensive, exclusive school, she has been taught physically, intellectually and spiritually as she matures to a respectable woman. However, the obstinate, defiant and self-determined child’s world is abruptly changed when she receives notice that her inattentive, uncaring father has passed away.

When she visits her parent’s supposed home, her guardian, Ian Maguire caters to the beautiful, young girl, trying to shield her from the truth that her father, like him, has been a thief most of his life. Yet she blames Ian for filling her shoes, being the son her father never had and is convinced he was loved more than her.

When she learns the true identity of her father’s sordid vocation, she is convinced she has the same rebellion in her blood and begs Ian and the seedy Brewster to be a part of their latest schemes. To be accepted, she freely offers to spend the summer in New York with the extremely wealthy Pembertons, hoping to discover where their gold bars are hidden.

With twists, turns, confessions and acceptance, will Meg understand her father’s love and sacrifice? Will both she and Ian realize that God is far more merciful and full of grace than bringing justice and revenge? Although predictable, will love conquer wealth and status when it is only the heart that matters?

Correlating to a butterfly garden that has an unwanted bee that can sting, this tome shows how deception, lies and deceit can be overcome by forgiveness, love and God’s grace in those who feel not forgiven, unwanted and unloved.

This book was furnished by the author for review purposes.

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