Author: Kate Kelly

ISBN: 978-0-9892106-0-7


Dog Lovers know that we humans have a lot to learn from our canine companions about unconditional love and loyalty and this amazing collection of true historical stories  beautifully demonstrates that concept.

Part One is titled: Homeless Dogs that Survived and Thrived and these stories will sometimes make you laugh out loud, sometimes draw your tears but always elicit the deepest empathy for real unique canine characters so well described.

Part Two is Dogs Who Lived at the White House and works backward in history from Obama to George Washington giving the reader insights into many of our past presidents from the perspective of their pets (mostly dogs but also other animals from goldfish to horses).

The book begins with the story of a St. Bernard, a stowaway, who jumped ship in San Diego, was adopted by the entire town and named Bum. There is a statue of him there now as well as one in Edinburgh Scotland where another dog, Bobbi, was likewise memorialized and the two cities took  on “sister city” status because of their shared love and respect for their town dogs. Now each city conducts an annual ceremony to celebrate each of these wonderful animals. 

The book concludes with a story about George Washington’s gracious behavior toward a dog found after a battle. The American troops had been defeated by the British General Howe at the Battle of Germantown when they found a dog with a collar that clearly identified him as belonging to that General Howe. They wanted to keep the General’s dog as retribution for their defeat, but Washington took the high road and returned the animal safely with a polite note to General Howe. 

Americans naturally honor our first president and founding father and this story adds an unusual and heartwarming reason to do so.  Other stories tell of how an abandoned animal came to be a movie star (Toto in Wizard of Oz) and Benji, a shelter dog who rose to stardom as well. There is the dog who accompanied the first man to drive cross country in an automobile in 1903 and a dog who was elected mayor of a town of twenty people in Park County, Colorado. There have been a lot of wonderful books written lately about, as well as from the perspective of, dogs but

You Lucky Dog! is unusual insofar as it combines a wealth of actual historical research with an insight into the psyche of these wonderful animals from whom we can and should learn so much.  A must read for dog lovers everywhere 

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