Author: Helene Clarke
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61739-839-1

I mean… I get why he had to go… but why on my head? There were miles of beach with no one around. Joe, why did he have to land on my head? Why did this happen to me?” Timmy asks in Helene Clarke’s book, Why Did the Osprey Poop on My Head?

This small paperback book is only twenty-four pages and is targeted toward children ages four and older and may be enjoyed by boys more than girls based on its strange topic of bird poop. With a Christian theme about how God loves us no matter what, some parents may wonder how poop and God can be discussed together in this tome’s pages. Sophomoric illustrations are usually on one side of the page with the storyline on the opposite page. This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

Young Timmy has a pet green lizard named Joe who he is very fond of and confides in daily. With Joe going everywhere with Timmy, they head for the beach for a fun day in the sun and sand.

While sitting calmly, a shadow passes over them and Timmy looks up to see a huge osprey over-head. Joe is very afraid of the bird, scared that he may be eaten by it. As it flies by, Timmy notices something wet in his hair and realizes it is the bird’s white, sticky poop. Grossed out, they run home so Timmy can wash his hair.

The next day the two friends are climbing trees and Timmy questions if God is so good, why did He allow the osprey to poop on his head and no other place. Not knowing the answer, they play tag instead.

When Timmy’s uncle’s funeral is a day later, he overhears two people talking about God and how He loves those who have hope inside and He does not want them angry and bitter. Timmy reflects that he does not want to be angry and decides that not everything that happens to us may be good but God still is.

With this simplistic tale, the child may be interested in the odd topic of a bird’s fecal matter while learning that bad things happen yet God is in control and is always good. A far-fetched blending of the two topics may be one way to teach a child about God’s everlasting love.

This book was furnished by the author for review purposes.

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