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By Norm Goldman
Published on July 4, 2013

Author: Stacy Ennis

Publisher: Night Owl Press

ISBN: 9781937645052

Author: Stacy Ennis

Publisher: Night Owl Press

ISBN: 9781937645052

Who is your editor? This is one of the most frequently and probably the most important question posed to authors who have published a book, even if they are a self-published authors.

The success or failure of a book often hinges on the editor's skill-someone who can help you write a better book and not just a good book but a great one, as Stacy Ennis mentions in her The Editor's Eye: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Book from Good to Great. Ennis further observes from her vast professional editing and writing experiences that writers don't know much about the book-editing process, they don't realize that it is an integral part of writing and they really do want to learn more about editing.

It is these concerns that Ennis extensively explores in The Editor's Eye, which she breaks down into five sections: rethinking what you know about book editing, the editing basics, the writing process revisited: planning and writing your book with an editor's eye, the writing process revisited: from revision to publication and hiring and working with an editor. To understand how all of these stages are inter-related, Ennis provides tips and suggestions that will help writers streamline the writing process and write with an editor's eye. In addition, Ennis includes twenty interviews with writing and editing professionals which she states “help enrich her text and offer more compelling interesting and useful information for the reader.” Readers are also provided with valuable resources that appear in the Appendix. These additional aids include manuscript review form, editing checklist, sample letter of agreement with an editor, sample style guide, can likewise be downloaded from the Night Owl Press web site.

As Ennis makes clear, one of the huge misconceptions that many writers have is that the editing process is merely proofreading and nothing else. Although this is one phase of the editing process, it certainly is not the only one, as we discover from The Editor's Eye. In actuality, the process consists of four stages:developmental editing, substantive editing, copy editing and proofreading. Ennis points out that “each stage of editing acts like a different lens through which your work is viewed. A different aspect of the work is brought into focus and scrutiny.” As you can appreciate, the constructive input of a skilled editor is extremely valuable.

This book is filled with interesting detail that is well arranged, brisk and clear. Ennis shows an impeccable command of her subject and the book will certainly rank high as an essential tool in any writer's toolbox.

Stacy Ennis is an experienced editor, writer, book coach, and speaker who, as she states, greatest joy is helping people achieve their book-writing dreams.

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