Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Silver Leaf Books, LLC 

ISBN: Print: 978-1-60975-041-1; eBook: 978-1-60975-042-8

This is a book that may appear a must read for those that love fantasy fares. It is partly true too! But it is actually as much an action thriller as it could be. The high octane fight scenes that this book offers is bound to keep a reader’s pulse racing, but, the best part about this book is the detail in which it destructs the myth that two people of the same race but with different color or demeanor cannot be allies or friends. This book also clearly brings forth the idea that the people that may not ‘seem’ civilized to some, too are living beings with feelings that need love and security, just as much as any other.

Consider the detailed way in which the writer, Clifford B. Boyer, tackles the dialogue between a Barbarian woman Zorarna and a Falestian Prince Lorrents. It sums up the idea that those who may seem enemies may not actually be that. In fact, they, if given time and chance, may even turn out to be the best and truest friends one can ever hope to get. The book also explains the tender loving bond between father-son and husband -wife. Such is the impactful writing displayed by the writer in these scenes that it is potent enough to leave a reader misty eyed for some time. The best scene, however, remains the one in which a Barbarian, Blaeinger, greaves the death of his beloved wife while a Knight, and a so-called human, Rawthorne turns a blind eye when enemies put a Barbarian woman to death, brings out this contrast so vividly that for a moment, it would seem to a reader, that humanity may have nothing to do with being born into a humane household or in human form. While Barbarians are united in grief and merriment it is Humans and Trolls that show savagery, backstabbing and lunacy that are extremely disturbing.

In this book, the fight scenes would keep a reader hooked, but, the scenes that speak of friendship, unity and love are the ones that create the most impact on psyche.

In short, this is a story that speaks of a fantastic world, but, the emotions that the writer explores are too real to let go. The scenes where gore is defined may appear unpalatable for some but overall this book is an entertaining, dreamy ride and thus, should not be given amiss.

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