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Reviewer June Maffin:Living on an island in British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Maffin is a neophyte organic gardener, eclectic reader, ordained minister (Anglican/Episcopal priest) and creative spirituality writer/photographer with a deep zest for life. Previously, she has been grief counselor, broadcaster, teacher, journalist, television host, chaplain and spiritual director with an earned doctorate in Pastoral Care (medical ethics i.e. euthanasia focus). Presently an educator, freelance editor, blogger, and published author of three books, her most recent (Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture your Spirituality) has been published in e-book as well as paperback format and a preview can be viewed on YouTube videos. Founder of Soulistry™ she continues to lead a variety of workshops and retreats connecting spirituality with creativity and delights in a spirituality of play. You can find out more about June by clicking on her Web Site.

By June Maffin
Published on July 3, 2013

Author: E. Kelly Keady
Publisher: Forty Press
ISBN: 978-1-938473-02-9

Author: E. Kelly Keady
Publisher: Forty Press
ISBN: 978-1-938473-02-9

Looking for a fast-paced thriller?  Love reading books about political intrigue?  Author Kelly Keady will keep your attention and more in this second book of his trilogy about the intriguing Peter Farrell.   In the first book in Keady’s series, young attorney Peter Farrell is an integral member of the White House staff.   In this second book in the trilogy, Farrell leaves the White House and its stress-filled political turmoil to return to his private legal practice and spend more time with his wife Sara and their newborn twins.  When the United States President Madeline Scholfield asks him to look into a potential terrorist attack, Farrell begins a journey of intrigue.

On that journey, he encounters complicated and fascinating characters: a man known in the first book in the series as ‘the Englishman,’ Somalians, a spy, a retired CIA agent, and American power-house politicians who determine that the President of the United States isn’t up to doing the work to which she was elected and who want to replace her with the Vice President they believe will be more inclined to their plans.  And, just when you think you know who is a ‘good’ character and who is evil, author Keady cleverly complicates and confuses the reader.   Quickly, Peter Farrell learns to trust no one.  

If you want to read a book with twists and turns through history, politics and world religions that keep the reader trying to guess where the plot will next lead, this is the book for you.  If you want to read about fascinating connections: a supposed prophecy from an ancient apocryphal text that contains dire warnings about a coming catastrophe ... a motorcycle chase in Beijing ... a covert mission to prevent WW III … a killer with no conscience ... a lethal bird flu epidemic scare ... nuclear war threats ... serious political conflict between North Korea, China, Russia and the United States ... and internal political strife and deception in the White House, then you’ll love “The Fall of St. Sebastian.”   And, lest you think that because this is the second in the series, you need to read the first book in the series, first, think again.   It’s easily a “stand-on-its-own” book.

Author's Own Words as Posted on

The concept for THE FALL OF ST. SEBASTIAN originated from a radio interview with biosecurity expert and internationally-known epidemiologist, Dr. Michael T. Osterholm. This led me down the road to a story line involving a pandemic flu, however improbable, as a bio-weapon. SEBASTIAN also returns most of the cast of THE CROSS OF ST. MARO.

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