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Janet Walker

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By Janet Walker
Published on July 2, 2013

Author: R.P. Mc Cabe
Publisher: Pen & Ink Publishing Ltd.
ISBN:  978-1484939420

Author: R.P. Mc Cabe
Publisher: Pen & Ink Publishing Ltd.
ISBN:  978-1484939420

Thick Fog In Pacheco Pass is a romantic mysterious novel title and one that was chosen by R.P. Mc Cabe for his latest book which features Charlie Caldwell, a young man in search of resolution for a troubling experience that happened in his teenage years.

The story, set in 1972, is narrated by Caldwell after he returns from a tour of duty in Vietnam. A romantic figure – Charlie, a loner whose early childhood in small town America was blighted by his father’s drunken behaviour, had to work hard to overcome the label of white trash. A football natural, he made it to the high school team and acquired a girlfriend from the right side of town, Miranda DeCosta. Acceptance and success under the patronage of Miranda’s father, town big-shot, Sal DeCosta, looked to be just around the corner for Charlie until he unexpectedly came upon Miranda in a situation that changed his life forever. 

Thick Fog In Pacheco Pass, equal parts romance and mystery, the author, R.P. Mc Cabe is a writer whose well paced story telling skill keeps the reader absorbed as Charlie, now an adult returns to his hometown of Divina. He wants to resolve with Miranda the event that took place ten years ago which shattered their romance and was integral to his decision to leave town.

Shortly after arriving in Divina, Charlie learns that Miranda was brutally raped and murdered – the Sheriff has arrested a local drunk who really can’t remember where or what he was doing on the night of Miranda’s death. As in most small towns, the residents fall under the description of the good, the bad and the ugly. Charlie, on his first day in town is unlucky enough to renew acquaintance with a particularly ugly member of the community, the Sheriff’s Deputy, and is warned to get back in his battered truck and keep right on going. 

The characterizations of members of a small community, some nice, some nasty are well done – the well intentioned nosiness or bigotry encountered by Charlie, believable and in keeping with a small town whose residents are isolated by lack of financial opportunities.   

Charlie, met by a blank wall when he tries to discover the circumstances surrounding Miranda’s murder has dinner with her best friend – she confides that Miranda was most likely pregnant before her death. Small towns love labels and Miranda had been labeled as the town whore. Shocked by this, Charlie wakes the next morning and figures maybe the Deputy was right – leave the investigation to the proper authorities and move on. 

Before leaving, to clear the fog and alcohol from his brain, he jogs in the hills at the back of town where he meets Audrey, a hot babe, recently divorced with a twelve year old daughter. The attraction is instant and mutual. Yup, you guessed it – Charlie decides to stick around for dinner with Audrey and whatever comes after. Quite a lot comes after and if you like plenty of romance with your mystery then Thick Fog In Pacheco Pass is certainly the book for you. 

Charlie, decides to give both his affair with Audrey and his long held desire to be a writer a chance by renting a small condo Audrey and her husband had built for his mother. Unable to escape Miranda’s death, Charlie, convinced the wrong man has been arrested, is drawn into the mystery and signs on as the defence attorney’s investigator. There on in the plot heats up and so do the town’s residents. Charlie and Audrey, in danger as a result of Charlie’s findings it’s an exciting read to discover who killed Miranda and why.

R.P. Mc Cabe and Charlie Caldwell, a good combination, Thick Fog In Pacheco Pass is an intriguing summer read.

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