Author: Howard C. Samuels, Psy.D.

Publisher: Wiley
ISBN:  978-1-118-36441-3

Author of Alive Again, Howard Samuels is himself a recovering drug addict. (2013, back cover) The son of high powered, politically connected, entrepreneurial parents, Howard and Barbara Samuels, never meant much to Howard as he was growing up. His father founded the company known as Kordite where he invented plastic Baggies and Hefty bags, was undersecretary for President Johnson, and served under George Patton in WWII. (2013, Intro., p.1, p.13) Yet, with all of this power and privilege Howard chose to spend his, much of it anyway, life and time trying out various drugs that kept him higher than most of the sky scrapers in NYC.

On at least two occasions Howard found himself in rehab, but fell short of admitting that he had any problems. He was arrested a number of times much to the chagrin of his parents and family members who never quite understood how much this addiction controlled his life. His childhood was troubled because he lacked self-confidence and self-esteem in the wake of siblings, he was one of eight children, who excelled at most things they did. (2013, p.15)

When Howard began using heroin he sold marijuana to keep that addiction ripe. (2013, p.21) The problem was that he was still living under his parent’s roof. They were infuriated, but agreed that with a change in lifestyle he’d be ok. His father was an industrialist, Howard wanted to be successful at something so he created a scheme where he would go to Afghanistan to purchase drugs and sell them on an international scale. (p.23) Bad move. Again he was arrested. When he got back stateside he went to Colorado to stay with this sister who he claims helped him to kick his heroin addiction. However, losing one addiction only made more room for others. Howard began using acid and cocaine. (p.24)

For many years Howard ran into his addiction embracing it instead of confronting it and moving on. In chapter 2 of this book he speaks candidly about what makes someone an addict. (2013, pgs. 35-47) If you or someone you know exhibits any of these signs please seek help assap. “One in six Americans goes binge drinking every week.” (p.36) Other revealing statistics were: “11 percent of all eighth graders smoked marijuana in 2009.” (p.38) “…20 million people around the world are addicted to heroin.” (p.39) 40 million Americans ages twelve and over have tried cocaine at least once.” (p.40) I was shocked to read these numbers and believe you will be too.

Other chapters are dedicated to the co-dependencies that are oftentimes created in these circumstances and how to break that cycle, where to go for help and who might be the best personality type to help your addict or yourself if you are an addict. I learned a lot about addiction and the addictive personality by reading and reviewing this book too. It’s never too late to change, but the addict must want the change and not those around them in order for this rehabilitation to succeed.

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