Author: Billy Graham
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-8499-6482-4

Admittedly His plan for us may change as the years pass and our circumstances change, but no matter how far along we are on life’s road, our constant goal should be seeking God’s direction for what lies ahead. Remember: His way is always, always best,” Billy Graham emphatically states in his book, Nearing Home – Life, Faith, and Finishing Well.

Written in hardcover format in 2011, this paperback version by the famous American evangelist is one hundred and eighty-two pages. Although it is targeted toward those getting on in years and facing the end of their lives, it is a pertinent read for anyone. Using mainly the NIV translation of the Bible, the author blends Biblical application and characters with everyday living decisions we all face as we age.

Old age is not for sissies,” the writer states as he correlates the game of baseball to stages of life as one nears home plate for the winning run. But between the charming stories, the personal experiences and the acceptance that God has a purpose in our lives, even to the very end, Graham focuses his energy on knowing God and staying close to Him as life’s long-term goal.

From Old Testament Barzilla’s insistence of not having King David taking care of him in his old age, Enoch’s sudden departure from this earth and the Levites retiring at age fifty to New Testament Paul aging and John writing Revelation later in his life, the author shows how to be content and seek God’s will continually as the years pass by.

Since every day is a gift of God, including retirement where we continue to gain new experiences daily, he mentions his own lack of physical stamina and suggests considering the situation, your spouse and the pitfalls when making the decision to retire.

He recommends managing money by planning realistically, avoiding unnecessary expenditures and dealing franking with legal issues such as a will or living will. With the loss of health and less energy, focus must be on Christ instead of ourselves as we seek His voice.

To deal with grief, one needs to accept our feelings as we look to the future. We should remember our friends by telling them we care, keeping in touch and praying for them. We can pass on our legacy of our character and faith by hoping our loved ones trust Jesus too.

Ending on the positive note that heaven is a glorious, perfect, joyous, active and certain place, Graham gives comfort, peace and acceptance as we all face our mortality, knowing we will eternally be with God and those that believe.

This book was furnished by the Booksneeze for review purposes.

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