Author: Joel Schiller

Publisher: Create Space

ISBN: 978-1480093942

What would you do if you inherited a funeral home? Would you embrace the opportunity to learn the business or would you give up your inheritance, the money you might get in order to continue pursuing a career tap dancing  and hoping to be the next Fred Astaire?

Jeff young is a Hollywood agent who has spent the last 17 years living in Hollywood. Not having Ginger Rogers as a partner might have been part of his downfall, after all she and Fred made a great team. So, what does a has been dancer do, he jumps on a plane, heads of Dalton, Ohio and becomes the new administrator of Young Funeral Home since the passing of his Uncle Henry. But, the fun has yet to begin as he arrives, meets the dysfunctional staff and one man who is determined to make sure that he does not succeed.

Meeting with his uncle’s attorney, he learns the major stipulation of the will. If he can survive  running the home for one year it is all his. But, the second stipulation proves problematic, as he cannot fire any of the staff within that same time period making things difficult for him to run the home. Would you give up this inheritance or would you stick it out? With a staff that makes the Addams Family look normal we learn the many different idiosyncrasies of each member. But, someone has a serious fetish you might say. Someone has a infinity for having sexual relations with dead bodies. It is called necrophilia, defined as  Obsessive fascination with death and corpses or erotic attractions to or sexual contact with corpses. obsession with and usually erotic interest in or stimulation by corpses. When Jeff Young is made aware of this by the police he immediate sets out to question his staff and find out who is behind this kind of behavior. Added in someone or a group of someone’s have been digging up bodies and stealing the valuables buried with the deceased.


When Jeff comes to live in his Uncle Henry’s house he inherits a cute cat named Sam and a maid named Henrietta. But, there is more someone is trying to rid the world of this man and hopes that he is the next funeral that will be held at Young Funeral Home. But, just who poisoned his milk and killed the cat? Just who put a wire across his staircase hoping he would fall? Just who tripped him at his uncle’s funeral? Just who is out to get rid of him?

Kate Tilley is 25 years old and was married to a man in his 70’s. As his nurse she took special care of Gilbert and when he asked to marry her she did not hesitate. His recent death left her quite wealthy much to the chagrin of his family. So, someone is unhappy and decided to alert the police that Gilbert met an untimely death at the hands of his wife who supposedly poisoned him. But, with Jeff’s help, since they developed a friendship when dealing with Gilbert’s funeral, a special attorney is hired and the end result is quite hilarious to say the least.  

There is more as one staff member at the home accidentally killed her best friend, made sure she was cremated. Edna Brown died twice you might way. Edna Brown was buried and she was cremated. Sound impossible! Just ask Ruth Dawson. There is Judith Roberts  the receptionist, Mimi Phillips and Ruth Dawson in the embalming department, as well as three others. But, one man that thought he would get it all, Emmett Royce is doing everything in his power to sabotage poor Jeff. But, would he commit murder? Would he try and eliminate him?

Missing bodies, attempted murder, lies, betrayals and definitely on man that should have called the police to assist but has decided to take matters into his own hands.  Memories of his past are shared, as Jeff reminds readers of his father’s death. Before taking this job he snags one client that would have put his career on point as an agent but the stress is too much and the client overdoses and his menial friendship with a woman named Natalie goes sour and now in the present we have to find out just where Jeff Young will wind up. But, first he has to make sure his name is cleared in the death of his client. Why you just won’t believe.

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