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By Kristi Bernard
Published on June 1, 2013

Author: Laura S. Kastner, Ph.D.
Publisher: ParentMap
ISBN: 9780983012856

Author: Laura S. Kastner, Ph.D.
Publisher: ParentMap
ISBN: 9780983012856

Do your tweens and teens leaving you feeling helpless because their version of self expression and emotional awkwardness leaves little to be desired? Help is here. Laura S. Kastner, PH.D., has created a guide to help parents navigate through the tween and teen years with precision. Parents will learn how to bond with their teens, and how to deal with and accept their child's social identity and so much more.

As a parent you might be wondering what the definition of a wise-mind is and how you can acquire such a thing. According to Kastner, “The wise-minded parent moves beyond reason mind, which processes and responds to the mere facts of a situation.” Basically, this guide shares various techniques on how to settle emotions between parent and child. An example of an activity is as follows:

Glass Half-Full Practice

Positive feelings make us feel better and set the stage for the happiness of others around us. Over the next week, do one of these exercises every day. Consider enlisting your child to do the same (writing about a parent for number three).

  1. Write down three good things that happened and their causes that day.

  2. Write a letter of gratitude to someone who has made a difference in your life (send it or read it to them).

  3. Write down three things that you appreciate about your child.

Parents will also learn how to tune into the signals of their child and respond appropriately. There is a lot more for parents to learn without them feeling overwhelmed.

Kastner provides detailed tips, facts from professionals, activities and tests to help parents better understand and manage themselves and their tweens and teens. For example: Chapter Four, Social Thriving, discusses how children need to socialize and the importance of it. Parents will learn how to help their child find good friends and establish healthy relationships, by not telling them what to do, but by proving to be trustworthy and nonjudgmental. Essential Tips from this chapter include: 1)Make an effort to know the families of your child's friends, 2)Be aware of your own baggage, 3)Keep up with what's going on in your child's social networking world. These are just a few tips offered in this section.

Parents will not find generalized information within these pages. Kastner has provided in-depth resources and information covering topics such as: Secure Attachment, Self Control, Academic Success, Emotional Flourishing and Strong Character to name a few. Each chapter has sub-text which will help parents delve deeper into finding solutions in helping readers become a wise-minded parent. Kastner has done due-diligence in offering support from the experts. The back pages share a list of resources that parents can utilize to learn more about child development. Professional resources are categorized by chapter in the back pages if parents want to learn more about the experts. This guide is not a fast read. The information found here will have parents seriously looking within themselves and their child to find lifetime sustaining solutions to help their children become the best that they can be.

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