Author: Danny Fahey

Publisher: Dragonfall Press


                                    An Enchanting Story of Life and Love

This must be one of the most hauntingly enchanting books that I have read.

Jacob is a fatherless twelve year old living in an erstwhile fishing village. The fish in the village are dying out, the children are falling victims to an infectious disease and poverty and gloom is the order of the day. People do not talk to each other as they used to any more and lives are lived devoid of enjoyment.

Enter Simon the Healer. Jacob is the first to meet him and the lurking fever that was creeping over him goes away after Simon puts his hands on him. Jacob takes him home to dinner. Jacob’s mother takes to Simon and invites him to stay with them.

Jacob intuits very soon, while in conversation with Simon that he wanted to be a flute maker, the best in the world. Simon shows him how to get the best possible wood from a tree by singing to it. He sings of what he imagined the flute made of the wood from the tree would be capable of and invites the tree to be part of the music the flute would make for posterity. This invitation was enough for the tree to put forth the best possible branch for the forthcoming flute.

Jacob needs to learn how to carve the wood and he goes with Simon to Harrod, the local carpenter. The latter has an afflicted daughter whom Simon cures at once. Thus,old and imagined tensions between Harrod and Jacob cease as an outcome of Simon’s presence. This kind of healing spreads throughout the village and it returns to its former prosperity once again as people start taking a genuine interest in each other and come alive as they had done in times past.

Jacob becomes a well known flute maker. Simon has taught him to sing to the trees which provide him with wood for his flutes and he no longer needs Simon’s help.

One day when the village has been cured of all its ills and is well set on the road to better times, Simon decides to leave for the city, where he thinks more people need his services more. Jacob lets him go with a heavy heart.

Sometime later, Jacob needs to go to the city in connection with his profession and meets Simon once more in a new garb. This meeting has implications, and to find out what happens, read the book.

This is a story of the healing power of love. Of how love is synonymous with life, how all of Nature is interconnected and how everything thrives when this connection is respected. A story of how love is an integral component of any endeavour, of how death is not the end, of how our purpose of being, our raison d’etre survives a physical passing and of how illusory the fabric of reality really is.

Haunting is this story, read it, it’s hard to put down.

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