Author: Nikita Bhakhri
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1481936699

Canadian author Nikita Bhakhri has written a charming story about a teenager, Breena Faylinn, who embarks on a series of adventures in the kingdom of Euphoria—the magical land that Breena’s father originally came from. In a short number of pages, we’re introduced to a whole host of characters, all of whom have intriguing names. Great ideas abound in this book, it’s well structured, and the action is quite well-paced. At several points in the narrative, I felt that the story would have been tighter had it exhibited more showing than telling. Nonetheless, I found the story drew me to it—there is something intrinsically pleasing and innocent about it, which leaves the reader with a good feeling.

Euphoria: A Royal Love Story is a young adult fantasy, and young girls especially could well relate to the situations that Breena finds herself in. On her sixteenth birthday, Breena discovers the secret of her unusual ancestry and destiny. Soon, she begins to study the unique history of Euphoria as she attends a new school there and is befriended and mentored by some of her peers. She must realize her full potential as an elemental fairy princess and prepare for battle with the people of the land of Felicity.

The romance that develops between Breena and Blaze would certainly appeal to younger teenagers. It’s innocent, but also intriguing, as the two are able to communicate telepathically, an idea which is intrinsically romantic. The novella ends leaving the reader eager to find out what will happen next to Breena in the sequel.

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Nikita Bhakhri was born in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up in Calgary, Alberta; where she is currently living with her parents, Vipan K. Bhakri and Kusam B. Bhakri. She is the middle child of three; with one older sister named Jyoti S. Sandhu and one younger brother named Abhi S. Bhakri. Nikita is currently at work on Euphoria 2: The Deceitful Battle, which will be the second novel in the Euphoria Series.

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