Author: Roberta Gately

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 978-1-4516-6912-1

Roberta Gately, author of The Bracelet, conducted a lot of research into the seamy side of human trafficking and kidnapping in order to write this very life-like novel. (2013, Author’s Note) She notes that according to the UN Population Fund human trafficking generates over $32 Billion tax-free dollars annually and that the International Office for Migration believes that between 700,000 and 4 Million people, including children, are trafficked each year. Ms. Gately was a nurse and humanitarian worker in Afghanistan, Africa, Pakistan, and more. (Back cover) This background helped her write pieces for BBC World News Online, as well as, her first novel (Lipstick in Afghanistan) and now this new work of fiction.

The main character is a young woman by the name of Abby. She is healing from a fallen love affair with a young man named Eric. Abby is charged with evaluating an immunization program in northern Pakistan for UNICEF. Being an American she is somewhat out of place in this patriarchal and dangerous part of the world. She meets and makes friends with an affluent young woman and co-aid-worker from Afghanistan named Najeela. They share a safe house and swap secrets. Unbeknownst to Abby Najeela is tied up in this human trafficking fiasco. Abby leans on Najeela to show her the ropes and get around in this inhospitable place. Abby learns that thousands, perhaps more, children are missing and may be believed dead. She feels powerless to help parents locate their missing children and reunite them.

A young handsome reporter comes to investigate the allegations of wide-spread human trafficking in this region. His name is Nick. The New York Times has given him free-rein to use all of his resources to get to the bottom of this tragedy. He pretends to interview Abby, who is not embracing his brazen come ons. She takes an instant dislike to him and pushes him off on her co-workers.

Eventually, Abby begins to believe that some of these missing children and women have become victims of human trafficking. She teams up with Nick to see how they might expose those responsible for this horror. Together they unravel Najeela’s hand in this international crime because of a particular bracelet that Najeela has in her possession.

To learn how this action-packed novel ends please read it. I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

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