Author: Gabriella Francine
Publisher: Big Blue Marble Books
ISBN: 978-1-938504-00-6

All over the world, there are groups of people who work to protect the orangutans and their rainforest homes in Borneo and Sumatra. They study orangutans to understand what they need to live, and then they teach people how to protect orangutans and other animals in danger,” Gabriella Francine writes in her children’s book, Let’s Make a Difference: We Can Help Orangutans.

Within forty pages of this glossy hardcover over-sized ten by ten inch book, there is a photograph of an adult orangutan with her baby on the front cover. The back cover has five book reviews, mainly from organizations involved with protecting the endangered species. Having no profanity or scary scenes, the book is geared toward elementary school aged children or older, especially those interested in nature and the environment.

As this being the first book of the publishing company, the main goal is to teach and educate children about endangered species, underprivileged people and natural resources through its “Let’s Make a Difference” series.

Dedicated toward saving orangutans and their rainforest habitat, the book has bright large and colorful photographs and illustrations depicting orangutans, showing where they live, what they eat, how they play and especially how we can help protect them. There are small yellow squared inserts with notes on every few pages that list physical traits, habits and descriptions about the animals.

Introducing an orangutan, Malcolm, at the beginning of the book, there are five questions that are answered among the pages: why the breed is endangered, why the forest canopy is disappearing, who works to help the orangutans, how we can help and what the money will do for them.

The story discusses how these primates live with their mother until maturity, use leaves as napkins or for protection from the rain, swing arm over arm in the forest and pucker their lips to project wanting to being left alone. After mentioning to use only sustainable palm oil so less forest land is used, about half of the book explains how organizations protect and take care of them.

Promoting saving our coins to help Malcolm, the last page lists ten organizations to donate to and two zoos to visit to see the unique animals. Besides learning these creatures eat durian fruit, build a nest every night, have thirty-two teeth, and have opposable thumbs, this book encourages children to make a difference and give back to protect our earth’s wildlife.

This book was furnished by the publisher for review purposes.

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